How to be Fashionable and Overweight

It is not always easy to renew with style when her wardrobe is a round woman.And this is even more difficult when one is very round woman (or very very round) and we are looking beautiful well cut clothes. Because all women (they make a 44 or 62) have the right quality that sticks to fashion trends, Ma-Grande-Our site offers a nice mini-guide to have style in large sizes clothes from 54 and under all circumstances! Discover now our good addresses and our tips for a fashionable look.

What is the vast size fashion?

Like all women, curvy women are looking for comfortable clothes, well-cut, close to the trends at affordable prices and above all….. THEIR SIZE! Furthermore, 40% of French women are a size 42 and up.

Sensitive recent years this demand, the industry ready to wear French now has several stores and brands that offer great collections of clothes sizes increasingly varied in terms of styles and sizes.

But if it is more or less “easy” to find beautiful pieces when the door 46, it’s a different story when making a 60 (This falls even an obstacle course while wearing clothes above this size)!

Why retailers are they cautious about the idea to offer a very large way?

Two main reasons are usually cited:
1 / A study conducted by IFTH (French Institute of Textiles and Clothing) in its measurement campaign of French, very few women are a size from 60 and more (about 2%). This is a niche market.
2 / In terms of production, the higher the size, the harder it is to adapt the cut to the shape of the concerned round women (in equal size and weight, some women have a lot of chest, hips other, some thin legs, etc.). It should therefore devise appropriate clothing in width and length to these different silhouettes!

Yet this market is of economic interest therefore as shown by the success of US retailers Torrid or One Stop Plus (which offers the very very large to some 80 collections).

Rest assured, ladies! It will not be necessary to cross the Atlantic as long as there are solutions, especially on the internet for all very curvy women who want to be a stylish and fashionable dressing. the list is just for you.

4 Good Web Addresses Where to Find Fashionable Clothes

Created there nearly 20 years by EdmondBoublil, the brand more 46et (website: 46etplus) dressed-as its name indique-all round women from size 46 and up to size 70. This site is the only one in France to offer very large clothing sizes! Most of the site: Collections of fashion apparel and suitable for both width and length according to sizes.

Mainly for the seniors, the Daxon brand (website: ) of Redcats Group, recently began a clothing collection up to 64 which is for women from 45 years. You will find both classic and clever models that young and trendy cuts. The more brand: Did you know that 47% of large clothing proposed by Daxon rise up to 58? What easily find happiness!

If you are looking for a casual and chic fashion brand Ulla Popken (website: Ulla Popken ) is for you! She offers to very many models up to size 62 (and up to size 68/70 for certain models). The highlight of this German brand: the richness and quality of materials and finishes proposed models.

The Taillissime radius of La Redoute (site La Redoute / taillisime ) offers this season many models up to size 62. What can shopper there? Dresses, pants, tunics, jackets ..enfin parts required for any woman’s wardrobe. The more Taillissime: unpublished collections like the new collection Marianne James (up to 62) and the Cupcake Collection Big Beauty(large swimwear collection).

Our 3 Tips to Have Style

Bet on Timeless Pieces

It is important to acquire good basic and quality models to be a fashion wardrobe and trend: some well-cut shirts and tunics, 2 beautiful jeans, t-shirts, two jackets, a trench for mid- season, a beautiful coat, a pretty black dress, tight pants…. are among eSSENTIAL pieces!!

Play on Accessories

If it is difficult to find great clothes nice size, it is easy to find accessories that will give style to your most basic outfits! Nothing beats a good pair of shoes and a good bag to enhance a simple black-white jacket jean shirt. Have fun and find the style of accessories that suit you.

Get ready!

We can never say it enough: take care of yourself! Wear the best clothes in the world is useless if you have oily hair, Tarzan eyebrows and dirty nails. And believe me, it does not take much to have the look:
-clean and well-groomed hair
-a light make
-and a good manicure-pedicure

Have fun ladies!!!