How Much Size Is Size 42?

Really go shopping sometimes, but what size is right for? From a manufacturer you wear maybe size 40, then you try a dress in size 42 and it fits. I’m now thicker? 

You’re already most think about whether you should take at the size at all – I have but no size 42! In the next, the world is back in order, because you like a jacket in size 38. Which is immediately bought. But why there is actually no uniform sizes, why the many differences?

How do I find my size?

Yes, there is uniform sizes. There are institutions that take measurements with rows and make them available to its business partners. One of the biggest projects of the last years SizeGERMANY has been so with the one created standardized tables of dimensions. Now that doesn’t explain but still, why, after 3 different sizes into the shopping bag. Now, in a dimension table, only the pure body mass are listed. The manufacturer or designer and cut Maker then decides how many convenience addons Gets the single piece of clothing. The cut is rather generous, then even smaller sizes to fit one, works the cut makers but only with the minimum necessary allowances for freedom of movement, then the garment fits close to the body.

What Size System Works Interim Measure?

Also the tailoring has dimension tables for ladies, men and children. These are the basis for each pattern, or piece of clothing.

We call the sizes by the right name-this is unique!

On The Basis Of The Standard Dimensions For The Tailoring We Have Developed a unique sizing system for interim measure be ordered after the pattern with us. We have made the experience that the order guarantees a higher accuracy of fit according to the actual size dimensions. This means that we work with the actual measured centimeters in the chest instead of the standard sizes.

A size is therefore E.g. BU 100

Only The Circumferences Define But Still No Body Shape

We also have every size for 3 body height: 160 cm, 168 cm, 176 cm body height at intermediate level, see below.

Now, we have not all the proportions, which suggests that a dimension table.Therefore, we have developed a cut at intermediate level for a basic blouse. The basic blouse is no reason cut them to derive every conceivable pattern, but is a medium to determine its own body mass. You even found out where sits the own fit problem, then you know what modifications to the pattern are necessary before cutting to and comes faster to the target, namely a well-fitting garment.

The mass is divided into scale mass and length. Circumferences are fairly easy to measure, but only with the adjustment to the own circumferences, you have still not good-fitting piece of clothing. The length or even Balancemaße are important, based on the length, we recognize the shape of the body.

For example, Two women with same size dimensions. One has a very upright posture, the other is more flexed. Front length, back height and torso length are different for these types of character and no longer correspond to the proportions of the usual standard sizes. The back length is shorter proportional to front the first, at the other, the back is longer, even though they have the same circumferences.

Where You Start To Measure?

All dimensions are measured near the body in underwear. Take tape measure at hand and measure the chest circumference, all tops be installed after the bust. Can be changed quite easily waist and waist, but it must be in the chest area. If we encounter a man and welcome, we look only in the upper body area. As it must be, if the blouse over her breast clamps, it doesn’t look good. If the back is too narrow, we can not move, because already shaking hands becomes a problem, etc.
If we know our chest measurement, we measure the waist and the hips. These are the most important circumferences.

For a rough determination we need now the length, how tall are you?

At intermediate level, we offer by default three body height: 160 cm, 168 cm , 176 cm.
You can find a detailed overview of the mass – which are our pattern-the body dimension tables for the different body heights.

At intermediate level, there are 3 size ranges with 4 sizes:
Kbust 84-tinted leash size 88 – 82-96 cm
Mittlere sizes bust 100-104-110-116 cm
Große chest size 122-128-134-140 cm

 Free Download For A Base Blouses Cut

Looking for the right size range from and the height closest friends, then you can download the appropriate Schnittmusterbogen in our shop friends and go the journey on the fit exploring. There’s the base cut as a printed version to send, then he is however subject to a charge.

On the basis of the self-sewn base cut, you’re checking the fit and investigating your personal dimension table with the attached fit analysis. Who wants to go to play it safe, can be ordered also a basic cut to measure intermediate mass, which is then subject to a charge.