How Katie Hopkins Became A Hate Object

What made Katie Hopkins so unpopular in her home country of Great Britain?
With sentences like this:
“You can not be fat and happy.””Overweight people are driving our health care system into bankruptcy.””Thick only need a strong kick in the butt.””Plus-size models are not pretty.””I have nothing against Magermodels.””Thicks are supposed to pay for being so fat.”
Their second TV documentary”My Fat Story,” which TLC broadcast on January 2, thus landing a quota hit, brought Hopkins the title of”the most-contented woman in Great Britain” and a dedicated Facebook site with more than 68,000″fans”.

What is the documentary about?
The 39-year-old British mother and three-mother mother wants to prove by means of a questionable self-experiment that fat is responsible for her overweight herself. The experimental set-up: Increase 20 kilograms-only 30% of its actual body weight-within three months-and reduce the pounds in three months-without a personal trainer or gym, only with more exercise and less calories. This is intended to keep the experiment as realistic as possible.
This sounds more like self-expression than after enlightenment.
This is precisely the reason for the discussions that triggered the program. Because a normally slim person has completely different conditions to take off than an overweight person-especially since the fewest increase so much within three months. Obesity can have many reasons, be it a metabolic or hormonal disorder, stress, illness or a previous pregnancy. And that this experiment is also dangerous from a medical point of view, you do not have to tell anyone.
How did she manage to get so much?
By hitting burgers, cakes, chips, shakes and chocolate-6500 calories a day-and not moving at all.
That is perverse!
And effective. She went to her limits, said Hopkins about her project, which even made her cry. In a scene, she sobs at the list of the foods she has already crushed, and says,”I hate those fat people who do this to me!”

As if to force someone to do so.
She obviously wants to put her favorite subject on the agenda with drastic means. Compared to CNN, she said,”We’ve tolerated the excuses of why people are fat for too long.” She could not hear it all. Neither corporations nor advertising or the environment are responsible for the overweight-fat people just need a strong kick in the ass, says Hopkins.
A simple point of view.
In any case a polarizing. Because no matter how to find Katie Hopkins and her views-she hits a nerve. In the UKone in four is considered obese. According to a study published last year in the journal”The Lancet”, almost every third person is overweight worldwide. In Germany too, more than half of all adults are too fat, especially men.
Okay, but such a demonstration does not help any thickness.

On the contrary, studies have shown that insulting obese people is only more discouraged to do anything for their health.

Still, does Hopkins stay with her?
Yes. She also does not understand why fat people should not be described as fat, although this is true. Above all, fat children should not be faded.”You have to tell children that they are fat,” she said in her column for the tabloid”The Sun”.
Puh… So, did not your experiment lead to more empathy with overweight?
Well, about her experience, she says,”I know what it is like to be terribly overweight. It’s hard to be fat.” But everyone can do something about it:”You have the choice: Either you go the hard way and pull it through, or you will find yourself with the situation and will remain unhappy,” she quotes the”Telegraph”.

If the slimming would be so easy, there would hardly be a billionaire diet industry.

The fact that the bill”more exercise+less food=desire weight” does not go up for many overweight people and they have to turn their whole lives for a weight reduction rather, seems to Hopkins not want to believe. Speaking of belief: The next project would like to live as a Muslim for a month. Does she follow Sarrazin’s footsteps?