How a Non-Sneaker Person Became a Sneaker Person

Be prepared – this is a shoe love story.
When I first saw these beauties as a preview on → Sue’s Instagram account, I knew that these shoes would be mine. I’d do everything to get them as soon as they were available. I waited and waited, checked the Nike online store for news on when they’d be released and already phoned a few sneaker stores one week before their launch to know if I’d be able to even reserve a pair (of course, I wasn’t the only one who had fallen in love at first sight – the Internet was full of love declarations and I was seriously afraid that I’d miss them). But no, no reservations.
The release date was first postponed, then moved back to the original day and so I tried it again, gave the Nike Store here in Hamburg a call and they had already arrived on exactly that day, a few days before the official start. Lucky me!
I’m pretty sure I’ve never made it downtown that fast and have never tried on a pair of shoes that quickly – after three minutes, they were mine. And that’s how a non-sneaker person became a sneaker person.Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m still a high heels lover (as a little dwarf, they’re just better for me, making me look taller than I am and creating loooong legs – and actually more my style, sneakers mostly just don’t look good with dresses), but I’ve definitely been wearing sneakers more often since I got them.

I warn you before – this is a shoe love story. 🙂
When I saw this pretty as a preview at → sue on Instagram , I knew that the shoes would belong to me. I would do anything to get them as soon as they are available. I have so waited and waited, again and again checked the Nike online shop, to learn when they come out, even various sneaker shops have phoned to ask if I can book (I was, of course, not the only one who fell at the first glance, and therefore really was afraid to miss it). But no, no reservations.
Then the release date was moved, set back on the original day and so I got then again tried, phoned at the Nike Store here in Hamburg and know that they were – arrived on the very day it earlier than planned. Lucky Lu!
I’m pretty sure that I was never been so fast in the city and have tried on also still never so Jiffy a pair of shoes – after three minutes they were my. And a sneaker person became a non-sneaker people.Aren’t they beautiful? Of course, I’m still a big fan of high heels (high heel shoes for me, with which I look slightly larger and that conjure me loooong legs – are simply better as a small garden GNOME and somehow they fit Yes but more to my style for sneaker look not very pretty to clothes), but since I that here, I wear sneakers clearly more often times.