High Heels for Plus Size Ladies

There are a few times we gave you tips to tame the heels, to learn how to wear, not to suffer too much height or overheating of the plantar cushion, etc.

In this new section, we focus more on itself allure by offering to give you the keys to choose your shoes over your body of fat woman.

This will definitely be to your surprise you will find the absence of rules in this article!Indeed, in terms of shoes you can dare everything as they accord with your outfit that you feel good in and that your overall look and your efforts are flattering.

The shoes when one is round: it’s all about choice!

High Heels for Plus Size Ladies

What type of heel?

This is a question many people are asking, and some have even come to no longer the daring heels for… Blame it on some “female pope of fashion” who pose for our taste too banned the round.

It does not necessarily have to wear thick heels when one is round, everything depends on the shape of the leg, if the ankle is well designed or not, if the calf is very strong or not, etc.

And the important thing is above all to try to realize!

Discover The Different Types Of Heels

When we talk about shoes, we necessarily think stilettos but did you know that there are a lot of different forms? Here is the list of plus size high heels you can find a pair of shoes to you “switch” in your choice depending on the height and the look you want.

Le kitten very

This is the new term for the small heel (3.5 to 5 cm) that is seen on some shoes. The top when you are not too comfortable with the height but we all desire to even wear shoes when one is round.

The stiletto heel

This is the must-heel which often sets the pump and femininity! Indeed, there is talk of a heel that varies from 7 to 10 cm, which is quite late and gives the approach a feminine look to perfection.

The full offset heel

Faithful ally of those who like to get high without neglecting comfort, it has the advantage of the foot arch and shaping the leg as his colleagues by being almost forgotten. It is also ideal to learn to bear the heels.

The stiletto heel

This is the cousin of the heel, it takes the form but starts at 10 cm in height, remaining well end of the base to the tip.

The stacked heel

Also called stacked heel. High and wide, it is characterized by overlapping leather strips or giving this aspect.

The Wedge “hollow”

Brother of the wedge, it offers a very feminine look with its cut between the heel and the shoe on the front of the shoe. This guaranteed a certain comfort even when wearing a beautiful heel height. It also allows you to cheat a little on the size of the heel.

The Cuban heel

This is a broad heel of medium height, with profiles are straight and the back of which is slightly sloping forward.

Right heel / square

Usually very thick, it is a straight heel of the sole to the tip. It provides good ride comfort and stability.

The funnel / pyramid heel

As its shape suggests, is characterized by a broad base and tapers to the tip but not as thin as a stiletto heel. It is a little less likely now.

The French heel

It is a rear heel which slopes toward the front, the effect is very original and yet surprisingly stable!

The kitten heel

This is one of the most widespread heels, it is widened at its periphery and flared downwards.

There are also less common heels whose shape makes the originality of the shoe!

You will understand, the right pair of shoes when we round is one in which you feel at ease, which will end your look without false note on the system and that will flatter your figure. One slogan try to see if this or that form suits you and if you can walk with … Because ultimately if you seem to walk on eggshells, the most beautiful shoes will have little of pace!