Hey, I Hate Friends Fully!

When I this morning not realizing a comment by “Anonymous” read. Point out busting me the collar, preferably I would have written a long argument about directly what all is wrong and stupid and this time apart just mean and inhumane to this comment.

But, I’ve learned from the past, and therefore I know that any kind of discussion and replies in this case would be only pearls before swine. Anyway I need to somehow air my feelings, because even though the comment I had not the effect, that “Anonymous” has hopes, it raises lots of feelings for me. And I have no problem with these feelings to stand.

There is this anger. Anger, that someone’s appear for granted keeps other people, unfiltered to hurl not only me but also the other wonderful women I’ve met on Saturday in Düsseldorf, his opinion in this case. What is everything in the world, so talk to me the right friends, anonymous? Why do you think that you’re also just a hint of a clue what goes before me? You throw us to the head that no one really could feel comfortable by us, that we would make only thing before. Who the hell are you, that you think you know what I feel? It’s just plain rude! And you know what’s the worst part? Your whole comment is so filled with hatred and intolerance and not a little openness for it that not all the cliches and all myths the mass media about obesity have spoon fed that’s vote, and then you try it under the mantle of concern to hide. As if you were worried about it, as if my personal well-being would mean anything to you, because if that were so, you would put no comments in the world, apparently to embarrass the people, and are injured.

About the rage, a deep sadness is a. I’m sad that someone is trying to make in hindsight bad that day, just because it doesn’t fit in his worldview, that thick women just have fun, eat together and laugh and feel good. How met self hate and self doubt one have to be that one wants to give people the feeling to feel bad, where obviously have to recognize, that we feel all totally super and had fun. If I have only a little compassion and intellect, I know that they say some things just not to people because they are disrespectful, meddling in things, do not concern the outsiders, and they try to patronize and take people of their own opinion. And this comment dripping of self-doubt and anger about others who are not the norm to have fun and live happily. As I just told my mom and Björn thereof, I realized how much it shocks me that people want to hurt other people. With pure intention, just because they can… be yourself dissatisfied with himself

That makes me a bit helpless. I would scream and anonymously say he is a fucking asshole. I would like to take him on the other side in the arm and show him how much better life can be the, if you stop to condemn others and above all it creates itself not to condemn himself. But I know it nor not la “but you know logical arguments a, that there are studies that show that obesity is no index for health?”, insults or the appeal to his morality can help in any way.

To good last I think it’s also funny, and I am very happy. I can laugh about it when someone upset, that we are not only “chubby” but ‘massively over the normal weight’. As it is beautiful than on the other side, that I no longer have to do as a fat woman to eat a cake and a burger and get the people head. Provocation pure, though I have done nothing than live. In the head by anonymous we probably all a half cake, 5 burgers and then us each other… ate

Finally, I would like to say that I will not publish the comment because I know about myself, that if I had read something like that 1 or 2 years ago, I would have been destroyed on the ground. And I would like my readers so far protect, that you can be sure, that a safe place, a place where they do not stumble across such hatred, hatred here against other people, just because they are not normal.

I know how to deal best with such comments, I just don’t know, that the point comes where you can laugh about it. And I did today, I’ve excited me, I’ve grieved shortly and then I laughed, because nobody can scare ever, that this day not one of the most beautiful and fun-filled days was that I have ever had.