Help My Legs

In recent weeks I have been frequently written down, if I can not even do something for women who do not like to show her legs like that.
Especially in the summer, will be an issue and is indeed now finally here. So basically I have here certainly no longer say that there is no “obligation” more and it is not always just about my “favorite word” is advantageous. Nevertheless, it is so that many readers her legs just do not like to show and that is now times a fact. It took myself for 25 years until I mean shown upper arms have.

  1. The Maxi Dress / Maxi Skirt
    Especially in the hot days an absolute dream such a thing. Fluttering beautifully in the wind, also leaves enough topsy covered quite wonderful legs. If you want it to spice something it carries beautiful shoe to bracelets, handbags and ready is the style.

Here’s what of sheego. Hot tip: the Anna Scholz maxi dresses are in sheego just greatly reduced. Only if someone has flirted with. . 2 The flared trousers : Can be a nice optical stretcher with large women and is never out really. For the summer there are nice issued and softly draping pants, also linen is always a good thing.

To this one I sneak himself some time around…. Is also great to wear in business, with flat or Hochen shoes.

Trousers: 55,90 are there only a few. Here directly to the pants

Quite casually I found this advertising, below, the trousers of Manon Baptiste. . 3 Jogger style

The big sportive trend which has accompanied us several seasons, has produced the jogger style. Sweatpants processed noble and are now worn not with sneakers, but with discontinuation. Conversely, the clothes are now in turn supported with sneakers. So fertilized a trend the next.
What you wear so you turn your legs do not like to show, but it will be 30 degrees?