Harem Pants and Pants with Patterns

Harem pants? Maybe even with patterns?

There are so trends on which I can tie that I am no longer twenty. The harem pants with the wild Print gave it before and then I have not worn for sports or either. The others, who wore who were more like environmentalists and they have, I believe, also supported continuously. So you can of course also make. The keep things simple until they are trend again.

But seriously, the pants are a dream for many women with strong legs because they include beautiful plus size pants listed on BitTranslators. Moreover, they are fluttering and now very much taken with the temperatures. They are available in many colors and patterns. I’ve introduced you to two times. For a more lowbudget of your clothing:

At me you will see it soon in the form of jumpsuits. Even so, a “hm hm hm I may? Theme”