Happy Birthday Curve House

Oh children, as time goes by. As missbartoz.de last November, five was, I found the same unreal, like last Saturday, when the curve Haus Hamburg begang its fifth anniversary.

For five years connects us in partnership, of which I am very pleased. We were pleased in Hamburg, Berlin, London and Copenhagen on beautiful fashion in big size and cursed also so many times over the ignorance of so many designers. Saturday we then carved times onto the tin.

My second blog birthday we celebrated together (yes, I am glad that the crass is blond away), movies shot another shot movies and today I am testing to the attic to see if the dress of the curve housewarming party still fits. Let’s say so, purple eh degree not so popular 😉

So much has changed. The curve house has the second branch Crispy opened, the Leaving in two houses has become really large, which is a good sign for our market, well and I have probably changed.

I guess the makers of the curve house especially their professionalism. Both founders have started with a very big experience, had thought up: now let’s set up what we call for many years: fashion and really MODE for women with a clothing size 42+.

Sometimes we meet at trade shows and I love to stroll with both a bit. With a critical eye cuts, materials, seams, lengths, dart, hues are viewed and decided what to move into a house and curve fits to the customer. This bottleneck is closely and strictly and exactly reflects the offer.

More chipmunks you find the way in the current Stripes article.

Saturday started its anniversary year with a party for all customers. Many different actions will follow throughout the year. With my girlfriend Patrizia I have the honor in one day. We are a styling workshop give the date has already: April 29, probably spread with three appointments throughout the day.

To all of you thanks for your great work and your commitment. Many readers I know that you make many women happy. I look forward to the ways that you will go and especially to the ones we go together.


Curve Shopping in Hamburg, all shops can be found here: Hamburger Curve Shopping