Good Adorned All Year

Guest author Karolina writes today not only how you can decorate you, it also reveals a few tricks in dealing with jewelry, gives tips on storage and maintenance and shares her seven golden glitters rules with you.

Christmas is in the air. Soon Christmas trees are in many homes graced.
And most women like it when it glitters and sparkles. In this article it comes to suggestions for how to combine pieces of jewelry, which underlines his outfits and personality.

An avid fashion jewelry wearer here are my collected findings in a 7-point rule summarized.

  1. Less is more
    Thick necklace and bracelet? Then keep the earrings rather simple or even do not wear earrings. In strikingly long earrings rather not wear chain but only a bracelet. Flashy jewelry should not upstage each other. This also applies to the relationship between garment jewelry. If the dress is already a looker, there must not be even the jewelry.
  2. Big Girls may wear big jewelry
    On a large body go tiny trinkets like a thin chain or fine small earrings simply lost. The same applies to bags. This is a question of proportion.
  3. The necklace has the cutout consider
    a long chain on a cowl neck shirt does not act. With a V-neck can be the length of the chain limit or naturally lead them to look specifically.
  4. Do not be afraid of materials
    The bracelet is made of wood and the chain made of plastic? Do not worry. You can tell quickly whether two things go well together. The material is of secondary importance.
  5. Dear invest as accumulate cheap stuff in high quality fashion jewelry. Even fashion jewelry are available in high quality and in a more favorable shape. The more it glitters, the quality it should be. A fake pearl necklace should not be made of plastic billigstem. An eye-catching bracelet in an accent color contrast may be regarded quiet that it is made of plastic.
  6. The same color family? Yes, but …
    The further the individual pieces of jewelry or outfit worn parts are removed from each other, the less it bothers, if they do not meet the exact same tone. Ex.: Plotting red shoes, it does not matter if the earrings do not hit the exact same shade. If the pants red, then the bracelet should strike the right note or be chosen equal to a contrast sound.

Is 7. Anything goes
rules or not.

Now one more thing to jewelry sets. I find jewelry sets stuffy. Or “bünzlig” as the Swiss would say. A jewelry which is still composed of chain, earrings and a bracelet for example, acts very quickly madamig. I buy sometimes jewelry sets but I combine the individual parts then with other jewelry parts from my closet. It acts in the same individual.

And now a few pictures, which are intended to illustrate the 7-point rule:

Here the heart-shaped stud earrings are one with a necklace and once combined with a bracelet. All together would be a bit much fake gold at once. Unless you he is to be a big bang. Then “much better” and the rule 7. The chain is particularly well suited for a round neck.

The Collier per se is already so pompous that it needs no further companion. It helps the little black dress for a glamorous appearance. It fits either a dress with a round neckline only small, so that it rests entirely on the fabric or a dress with V-neck.

Since only the bracelet stands out from the pattern here, you both this simple chain as well as the earrings can to combine.

The red bracelet is one of my favorites. I love the combination of red, white and black. Here the bracelet is again combined to a long simple chain and once also eye-catching strawberry followers. Although seen in the second combo both trinkets for already are relatively conspicuous (see Rule 1), they are much together well because they are not obvious when worn with one another (see also Rule 6) and mutually so not steal the show.

Of materials (see Rule 4) with a chain of cut glass stones and bracelets made of wood. The combination is in matching color from the same color family, even in bright and even in dark. While bangles are great, but still simple and therefore fit for flashier chain.

The plain white trailer can be combined with earrings in striking pattern. If you want to keep it classic, you take this plain-colored earrings in white or black. Then also the associated dress may be more noticeable.

Pink bracelet with striking chain. Again, the same applies as for the petrol-colored combination.

Here applies Rule 5: Fake pearl jewelry should look Trivalent, otherwise it looks fast from after Carnival. This combination fits naturally well to black but also colored powder or generally pastel colored garments. When business outfit the combination enhances the serious look, evening dress, the beads act sophisticated. Again a threesome, that is only because the Studs small and the chain is simple.

In between, even a small personal note on the word “statement necklace”. There are expressions that are sometime on everyone’s lips and press solely by a stimulus-knobs with me. I think that’s simply stupid. What a “statement” may have as a necklace? “Nuclear power, no thank you”? Or maybe “equal pay for all”? So please, a chain but has no sense of political mission. A chain is beautiful at best. Done.

Tips for care and storage of fashion jewelry:

  • Shiny parts you can at home brush with transparent nail polish immediately after purchase. This protects them from scratches and far a piece also from oxidation.
  • Do not keep jewelry in a heap in a box or basket. First he goes by broken faster because chains tangled very quickly and secondly it takes a long time to find the desired gem.
    The investment in a jewelry cabinet or other suspension devices (eg nails on a pin) or jewelry drawers worthwhile.
  • Fashion jewelry can consist of most different material, so aggressive cleaning agents are not recommended, because you do not know how the material reacts to it. The best you clean the jewelry in a bubble of detergent and then dried gently with a soft cloth.
  • If it is silver-plated fashion jewelry, it can be cleaned in a silver bath or silver cloth. As a quick solution scales the following old home remedies: place a piece of aluminum foil in a bowl. Pour warm water and add 2 tablespoons salt. The silver-plated jewelry fooled. Through a chemical reaction, oxidation is removed on the silver magically without mechanical action. This makes an impression not only in children.

So I keep my jewelry. Once closed my closet because you has no idea what lies in him, once opened for you.

Those were my ideas on the subject of jewelry. As Marilyn has so beautifully sung…?