Get a waist as plus size star Christina Mr Hendrick’s from Mad Men

When Italian Vogue in the summer of 2011 popped three beautiful plus size models on the cover of the magazine wearing only underwear, it was a statement to the outside world that the thin ideal not only to dominate the fashion image. And the cover of Vogue was only the beginning of a new era, for since that time, several fashion magazines had the plus size models on the cover.

Get a waist as plus size star Christina Mr Hendrick’s from Mad Men

On bestaah, plus size-body ideal is also here to stay. Just take Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, who plays the role of the seductive, but most intelligent Secretary Joan Holloway. She has a body, one can only dream of and a waist that can take your breath away any. Even have plus size star stated that she breaks pretty much all the health rules, she can think about. But then what is her secret?

plus size star Christina Mr Hendrick

Plus size star coach three times a week

Even if Christina Hendricks breaks most health rules, she knows, she nevertheless coach three times a week with actor and husband Geoffrey Arend and their personal trainer.

And to train together with others can help to increase motivation and make it more fun to train.

When Christina Hendricks trainer with her husband, she wont cardio on the treadmill exercise and strength training on its bosu ball, which is flat on the page facing down towards the Earth. It is good for balance and stability training.

Interval training on the treadmill makes, among other things, that you burn more calories than if you run in a steady pace.

Bosu ball uses Christina Hendricks to vary her training from the treadmill. She uses it to do squats at as well as combining with dumbbells. And just workout with a bosu ball is particularly effective to train the waist. So the next time you need to lift weights in the gym, try standing on a bosu ball – so do you use more muscles than just your arm muscles.