Germany’s Next Topmoppel?

Hi dear readers,

In recent days, I was bombarded with questions about a new talent show, a model contest for plus-size model. Here a notice of Cosmo:

Many of you want to know what I think: I do not know, but I fear something.

Each of us is not only since # Verafake known how certain TV channels groups are put together in order to achieve a high audience rating.

Each of you also know that there are TV formats that can destroy entire families and each of you know that TV shows are cut so that it is an “exciting” program, which must be for the protagonists not necessarily good.

Should I or should not I?

Meanwhile, the is application also live and the questions do not stop.

My tip: want Who Muse and time for it to know that loses nothing if it is applying a try. Maybe enough already all the fuss about the pre-selection to satisfy the need. Who actually comes in, should think carefully about what they could do with it possibly broken, in the case where the enter the above concerns at all.

If you are in this moment in the application process for a job, I advise you as: more from. In this case, you would anyway problems with the time that you need for now.

It may also be that we all of us and that is a great program wrong to show off without someone and something changed in the minds. This opportunity is and it depends on many factors. Choose from the participants, the concept, the jury, the director and editing, etc. must ultimately itself each.

But there is a contract

Yes, there are contracts, but they are usually so that they are good for the show. That RTLII or Tresor TV represents an exception, I doubt it. Therefore: If you have a bad feeling, you also says your lawyer what can happen and the worst case, you is not the matter, let it be. But for that you must indeed be taken first.


It is clear that participants of a new format always could best take off when they were in the first season there. Now, do not get much, now you can optionally also take the jungle camp career. So who is to Fame from, should look better in the first season and not first and then after that, if there is in the one at all.

Reminder: Denise Bidot has in the sometimes American counterpart begun.

Who would I discourage

Every day I get emails from women who bring to the Council, to exchange and share wish. Often it comes down to a painful path of self-love and the establishment of a self-awareness to recognize one’s own body, which does not correspond to the beauty ideals of western industrialized nations. Some of them now want to show how beautiful she is (finally) can find and ask me how to become a model Plus Size.

I know none of these women personally, but would point out that between the idea at a plus-size model agency and a casting show for RTLII worlds. The big difference is the public and the powerless exposedness in her.

Applicants without TV experience perhaps can not imagine what a skillful cut can make then. Anyone who has laboriously built up his self-confidence, should think twice whether he risk exposes himself selbiges weaken again.

Of course, the opportunity is there to grow with such a mission. But I say it this way: this is not the ZDF but a RTLII- production. So now I have but warned enough, you are all so large ne).

Will you apply?

Whether I apply myself I was also often asked. No, I will not. I am not a model and will be none. That I was present myself here on the blog to do with the fact that there is often no visual of plump women in cool clothes.

The inclined reader may have noticed that these postings are always less. We just keep getting more and I bring with street styles and other bloggers variety pure, five years ago, the choice was still very much lower.

My topic is another and I also have a very limited list of broadcasts and broadcasters, with whom I speak at all. But this is my private thing, once I started to reply here for all.

Long story short

As you decide, I can not answer you. If you have to feel like you are applying, so you can not go wrong at first, your photos can later use it to other auditions and make Erfahrunen is always good.

Who then is the rate I critically and accurately deal with everything she writes. I would also create a worst-case scenario. What can happen in the worst case? How would I feel if my example unloved butt is shown on TV, if I as a bitch or staged worse going? Are there people who are important to me and therefore can not handle? By contrast, it shall then all the pro’s such a unique opportunity to the great experience of fun and decide. I keep my fingers crossed!

Some years ago I had about beauty ideal for curvy women wrote an article of this comes to mind again.

…The curvy and thick

The new spirit has not much of a release, with to be or a relaxed attitude to the own body to do over. It is also about satisfaction, but it is in a defined framework and only then it is ok to be a plus size, otherwise you have just now on you are working to fit in the new framework. . A frame, which is celebrated with the name of the new femininity and should manifest a new beauty ideal … Click here for the full article: “A new femininity”

There is a bit of a crux with the oh so lockerern display of plump women in the media. While we have a new zeitgeist, but that’s just not limitless. How is that so walk in the show? Assuming that the so-called in-betweenies (size 42-46), you go up into the sizes 58/60? And if so, how to prevent shit storms? Are maybe even good for the rate? Will there might not be any and everything will be great and there is finally another woman picture on the screen? I do not know and am ultimately uncertain and tense at the same time.

Every candidate should like to report times, I am very interested and certainly not just me.