Germany’s Most Beautiful Women – Interview with Georgia

Germany’s most beautiful woman

Georgia on my mind….
Ok, that sounds Georgia determined twenty times a day, but the song came to me first thing in your mind, in her beautiful name.
Georgia, 25 years, maybe some know of you from the TV show “Germany’s most beautiful woman “Guido Maria Kretschmer, the on 18/03. Heading for its finale.

I had the pleasure of a little interview with her.

mB: Tell me, how did it happen that you have been through?

Georgia: My mother took me behind my back, logged and one day I had an invitation to a casting in my Inbox. At first I thought: oh that’s advertising or something and wanted to delete it. I then briefly talked to my mother and because she has “confessed” to me

I did not think that I have to report something, there were 13,000 applicants. I am still very loose range expected and wanted to make me a nice day in Munich. Then the call came that I am more a lap. That was just too hot to me. So far, everything was so abstract now it was said: You come on TV, you come to RTL when Guido you select, you might be Germany’s most beautiful woman! That was too much for me.

My biggest fear: how do I get over there?

If the enrich my life? Can it destroy even? You get so much good stuff with and then the whole social media, where everyone can say anything and does. But ultimately won a mixture of curiosity, pride and sense of adventure.

mB: Well, since we can be glad indeed all that you have not simply deleted the mail. What was it like in this great villa where you were all accommodated?

Georgia: that, we had not so much. Sure, that was a great thing, but we were also rotate all the time on. Sometimes late into the night. Most of all we have the Terrace used when we have evening or exchanged and the kitchen! After those days we all had hunger. That there was a jacuzzi, was great to use it properly, but we had but little time.

mB: What was it about the others?

Georgia: we four, we sat in the penultimate episode on the couch and had to choose out mutually, a fixed clique had become. We had found us quickly.
But at the beginning we were 20! Because you can get to know hardly.

mB: to Voting: You had you so mutually nominate and publicly. I imagine that hard before.
Georgia: Yes, that was it. In the beginning especially since we hardly knew each other. Many found the stupid and did not want that. You know never what is sent. By the time it was easier because I knew that one is quite nice, but we will not really warm, so I’ve just always taken one of them.

Painful it was only at the end. We just liked all very much and are even now, when it is clear that as I’m not in the final, in a close exchange.

mB: Sounds like an intense period.

Georgia: That was absolute. We had no contact to the outside, not even phone. I did not know what my children do and if it all goes well. Then I simply familiar. So the relationship was that we had participants with each other and have very close and familiar.

mB: Your best moment?

Georgia: The encounter with Nena. The day before I nearly chucked everything.

mB: Why is that?

Georgia: Oh, there was always drama and stress to my clothes. I wear a 44/46. This is now really no size that exist nowhere. If I myself purchases, I do that in ordinary shops. But there had been only too narrow clothes for me. I had to squeeze into a .38 leggings in which I hardly get air. My battle with the sch….Wetsuit they have indeed shown in great detail in the TV.

I had not felt uncomfortable between the lean women. But when it came to again and again that simply no clothes had been there for me, I began to doubt. I suddenly felt thicker than I am at all. Allen all fit me almost nothing that was not good for my self-image. We were always together and when the repeated so often gets the strongest confidence cracks. I was angry and depressed about it and felt paraded me totally. When you have that on purpose.

mB: That’s crap. Especially is your product really easy to get. What was to remain the decisive factor?

Georgia: As I said, the evening with Nena. On the day everything was different, somehow magically. That was also all the others that way. Even the cameraman was totally enchanted. We all with you because together by the fire, I get goose bumps when I think about it. The woman just has a magical aura, an aura that has taken me totally caught and constructed. Then I sat beside her and we sang together, this was the perfect moment.
And the clothes fit sometimes!

mB: How would you say has your life, after participating, changed?

Georgia: I’m totally overwhelmed by the positive feedback that I have placed all. Those are all people who do not know me personally. I was always confident and am more one of the sounds. But now this is still something else.

I’m great! Ray of warmth, am funny, have a great charisma, which was in any case everywhere feedback. My fears, I would then leave the country were unfounded and I am very happy to have done that.

mB: Will you recognize and how is that?

Georgia: Clear! In the parking lot at the supermarket I get asked for autographs. When Schlachter recently was a magazine in we were all ready and when I came in, the work was laid down and behind the counter as all shuffled around me. And quite honestly I like that!

mB: Are you sad that you did not win?

Georgia: No, not really. Many of the people who have seen me, write to me that they would like to have seen me in the final and on the podium. This is perhaps even more valuable than the title Germany’s most beautiful woman to get awarded by Guido. And besides, I’m doing on the show, though not among the finalists.

mB: Speaking Guido how was it with? I got to know him as a very nice and simple types. How was he with you?

Georgia: So we actually learned hardly know the. He was there when the camera was on, but private words or talk times there was hardly. So that’s probably when you so much as make the Kretschmer.

mB: Your favorite for the throne?

Georgia: Susanna! I liked them all the time and find it very total shame that it is shown in the TV so little and also different from what it really is. It would be my most beautiful woman.

mB: Next Wednesday is the final then, you come straight from the fitting out of the studio. Which style we can look forward?

Georgia: So that ultimately determine the of the program, but I can tell you so much that I had the key piece of Anna Scholz case. When I then but can not wear it then only because I would order all steal the show and that would of course be unfair to those who will be most beautiful in the evening Germany woman. Hehehe.

mB: Super Final word! Now I’m really looking forward to Wednesday!

Thank you for the cordial conversation Georgia!

This, incidentally, said dress. Guess that Georgia is right. Thus would the Star 😉

It is gearde from 149 to 59 ears set down. So just in case that there is a need here is the Anna Scholz key piece

Georgia is one of twenty candidates who has participated in the new show from RTL “Germany’s most beautiful woman” with Guido Maria Kretschmer. Between the two transmission dates she had time for me. She is mother of two children and lives in a small town in Middle Franconia. The finale of the show is on 18/03. From 20:15 on RTL to see.
If you viewing categories to know more about Georgia: this is their Facebook page.

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