Gatot In London – Impressions With Bridge

Silvana has their Gatot thinker, action across the English channel to London. The location was the Tower Bridge. There, eight great women for the photo shoot have met. The well-known blogger Georgina were Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Emily Blake, Natasha Sabrina White, Christina Arisci, Shaleskia G Lima, Emma Knight, Michaela Aimee Gingell and Vera Del’Monte.The long journey has allowed the partner happy size .

Spread the news! And the boy in the background Gets a first idea that there are female beauty in many colors and shapes.

Silvana reported by the London campaign: “the girls were so great. We laughed so much together. We meet always already against half ten in the morning to style. Then we walked around quarter to twelve to the potters fields Park and we were so lucky! It started to rain 🙂 until shortly after the shooting. There are again many onlookers stopped – with photograph. We have found already a new photo of a spectator also on Twitter. The girls were excited before of course again, but that faded quickly.We had so much fun and the action has again all “geflashed” as Andrea always say happy size :).”