Gatot Action In Frankfurt: Exciting, Moving And Cold!

At the Gatot action in Frankfurt we were there, finally the main metropolis under favorable traffic conditions is within a very short time we reach. (I have set up by the way, a new record in the directions. In just less than 25 minutes I did the roughly 34 km – Frankfurt conditions really fast!) We have written together what we saw there and what impressions we take with us, for you.

In Underwear In Frigid Temperatures – Gatot Action In The Main Metropolis

Located on the lively shopping street “Zeil” in Frankfurt, a small group in black hoodies gathered. The models – put in them each and everyone with a letter on the belly. Six women and two men were ready at temperatures just above the freezing point only in black lingerie by photographer and Gatot initiator Silvana thinker to scan (let us remember: were last night still as smooth as glass and coated with a layer of ice houses, cars and roads!). The excitement and tension was palpable, finally, that was something very special: time apart from the temperature, man and woman pulls not just so me nothing’s nothing on a full shopping just from. After a short vote it went off then. Now, the clothes were stripped and strung them accordingly! Eight-letter word was then: GATOT.

Silvana had called on Facebook to the Gatot action thinkers. It had applied some women and men. All candidates you were chosen from then, that action then formed the team of Frankfurt Gatot. Now, they all stood before photographers, friends and many curious spectators with their cell phones and ran the Zeil on Adil acclamation up and down. Then again, tightening was announced after a high five, a few photos with Silvana, with Andrea happy size and photos for the regional press. Furthermore, the models were happy – it was now but getting a little cold!Sorry – wasn’t yet. There were small group pictures made, individual photos shot, quipped and laughed. And sometimes ‘ a model simply enjoyed the exciting moment. They were all so on power, that the cold was surprisingly not not so quickly noticeable.

Participation For Various Reasons

The women and men made with action for various reasons at the Gatot. Claus Fleissner, plus size male model and blogger, was the “B” and finds that such an action must be supported. Ulrike meant that the action has been personally so much her. And Annie has made it for themselves and gained in confidence. Was exciting to understand that many people are dissatisfied with their body and the dress size plays a minor role. It so happens that women with size 38 undress are shy, because they believe that her chest is too small. Everyone can find at least one flaw in itself instead to take his Makelosigkeit. It was also interesting to watch the spectators and passers-by. Clearly, the phone was quickly unsheathed and this action is to call around and with each Gatot action are still better known. Instead of seeing the pictures of women as otherwise in the media, which don’t even look like in real life as they appear in the advertising, it’s absolutely refreshing to see this ‘real’ diversity, experience and understanding. There are people in the different “versions” and that makes it incredibly exciting. Diversity is an absolute enrichment.

At one point were all agreed: it passed much too quickly!