Full Figured Fashion Week 2015

Full Figured Fashion Week 2015 in New York, she almost did not take place but then the tide has turned again.

I am so excited, I can show you from the German and European market from Tuesday at the Fashion Week Berlin that. There you will find the fourth (?) Times, I stopped counting (which is a good sign then it is namely so commonplace) the Curvy instead.

Some of shows and new trends and brands, I’ll bring you. But now it’s first on the pond in the Big Apple for Full Figured Fashion Week 2015.
My colleague Farrah of Estrella Fashion Magazine was nice enough to send me some pictures. You finally can not dance at every wedding yes. Not true, you can already, you have to prioritize just different ūüėČ

The FFFW takes place across the country, these pictures are of the fashion show in New York. I’m not sure if it is the largest, but New York sounds ever big!

The following designer / interior are represented in the pictures of the Full Figured Fashion Week 2015:

Ashley Steward, Your Big Sister’s Closet, Full Beauty, Qurvii, Hal Rubenstein.

There is a whole stack of pictures, the hashtag in the nets is # FFFW15 including one can also see many wallpapers and more fashion and style in large sizes. This time I think it’s messed up almost anything in terms of the season. Autumn / winter and spring / summer now seems not so clear. But that does not it? The main thing there is something to behold.

Next week is indeed something antsy on the skin, if you have to distinguish felt at thousands of degrees cashmere wool or acrylic. For as it comes to the winter. When the air conditioner still fails, it is so nice cozy. Does not matter, only the weather just (sitting naked in front of the Macbook) is so me not to winter clothes.

Now is indeed first summer and I hope I could you also make more inspired with the images of the Full Figured Fashion Week 2015 something.