From Old to New

Dear Readers,

You know that: you do on the wardrobe, which is full to the top, but you have nothing to wear.
Last weekend me blogger colleague Melanie visited from Switzerland. She has already cleaned out extensive and not only her wardrobe missed a slimfit figure. Everything is redundant, flew out with her and she told me how good, free and easier it feels now.

After an extensive shopping tour we lay flat on my bed and I opened my closet doors. Then everything happened very quickly. Out, out, get out, to the attic, old clothes, sell, sell, sell, watch times and recombine.

If someone is at a, asking questions like: do you like the color it? When you want to color the Blazers because if you have not already done so in two years? And because: You connect with it something?
If a (finally) take much more easily leave it. Now a 1.5 meter high pile stacks of for clothes gyro must be photographed, while I have not shared so much …

But the best part: I had several things, of which I knew they are great, but not sure how I can combine them. Among other things: top. Actually an ingenious Basic, but I have always styled with sexy and found myself in wurstig. Now there is a section in the closet: new styling, with old stuff that all related.

The only thing that’s new here, are the boots that from me gebrüder götz been provided. Not to be confused with Goertz 😉 there even 75 years. So no startup and no times but solid shoe merchant from Franconia. For a change, also sometimes refreshing. Thank you very much for the shoe that will bring me to the snow line.

The jacket (indoor, again a hot topic today) is seven years old, the jeans one and the top shell 1.5.

Go to the jeans still a cute story: my godfather girl (6 years) came to me on her lap and whispered something. I thought she wanted to confide a secret to me … but then said Duhuuuuuu, your pants is completely broken.
I then: ne, which is worn now so that is degree mode. You: A broken pants? I: Yes you: I can not imagine.

A blast I found and I found much that it has been reported as quiet. In their eyes I had what totally embarrassing and they just wanted to avoid that I disgrace myself.

I will continue with the mucking out and at all levels. Yesterday were from 37 nail polishes = seven. Those who were still unopened come with the clothes pacts. The buyers are always happy about it.

If you want to know more about the minimalist life, here are a few tips Link:


These were some sources of inspiration that Melanie has used to clean up in their lives, and of which I, little by little, let me influence.

The last time that I’m completely gone through everything that’s been about seven years and I’m looking right. When times on a roll and can be separated, one has to exploit the. Only then there is also room for new. Letting go is the key word, incidentally, also works with a new love 😉

How are you all doing? Here’s a reader so straight that it always takes an old garment away when they buy a new one? That would interest micht.