French Editor Style

Hach what I made this outfit, but Fashion Week is Fashion Week.

The French editor style you wear really high heels with, but the Espandrilles are also popular degree thing that came at 27 degrees in Berlin very zupass with plenty Umhergelaufe. Ever, I should make a shoe Special? Seriously? Guess that you know everything. Summer is flat, the autumn is sharpened, please just raise your hand when you need as more information.

So in any case the French Editor Style….

The French editor style comes from some of my colleagues and has actually enforced as a trend. The Espadrilles are now, as I said, at it, because they are simply the hottest shoes of the season, especially in silver or gold.

The base of the styling are a blazer and a skinny jeans as well as plus size jackets defined on Themeparktour. As an alternative to the shirt with print, is also a shirt or a simple, bright and translucent shell. Man wearing the style casual and not like a costume, which is always quickly happens when wearing a blazer.

The style will certainly go into the fall and into the new spring. I feel it very well, also at 28 degrees, which it had during shooting in Berlin. That H & M, a shirt for me to bring out the #B, I find really nice!

I wear’s otherwise rather dresses and now found it very beautiful, not even occur Ladylike. How do you like that?