For”Too Wide Hips” Fired-But This Model Lau$ghs Last!

“You have a hip circumference of 91 centimeters-at your age you can be at most 86 centimeters, your hips are too wide!” With these words, the then fifteen-year-old Iskra Lawrence suddenly lost her job as a model.A completely everyday process in the model business, which daily destroys the dreams of thousands of young women every day in the agency backrooms of the world. Nevertheless, Lawrence met these words. She was promptly transferred to Plus-Size agencies, but she was somehow”small”. It looked as if her career was over before she had even begun.

“Do not let anyone tell you that you do not look good!”

Meanwhile, Lawrence can only laugh at this rejection-it is an established model for a natural body type and images that are not”corrected” by Photoshop. Also on Instagram she is a star with over a million followers-and uses her fame to clarify something important:

“To all the people who told me I was too bold to paint: all the rejections and setbacks were the first incentive to prove how wrong you were. I am proud to be myself, healthy and happy because I know I’m more than a size or a category Do not let anyone tell you that you do not look good You look good because you’re just you No one else can be like you, so celebrate your uniqueness, to a unique gift to this world, let us all celebrate our bodies, for they are our home, and that has nothing to do with what they look like!”

In the spirit of this message, Lawrence on Instagram also likes to point out situations that are”normal”

It is always nice to see that the rigid idea of ​​what is supposed to be”beautiful” gradually disappears, and instead, more and more manifold body forms can stand side by side equally. It remains to be hoped that Lawrence and her”far too wide hips” will not be the laudable exception-but only one of many steps forward that the fashion industry still has to face.