For Everything! PIP Presents Their New Plus Size Dancers

Last year, Pip did the joy of gordolândia when called plus size dancers for your presentation at the Criança Esperança (remember here!).

Needless to say, it was amazing to see a bunch of fat women amazing dancing onstage next to, Yes, Queen of pop of Brazil, right?

Who watched the video of Stop, new successful singer, saw that Pip also gave time a dancer plus: the Puerto RicanDinesh Camacho rolled up to next to one of the Showgirls PIP’s officers, Arielle M.

Well, after all these small steps, here’s the good news: on Monday, Lexter danced for the first time alongside his new dancers. Yessss, two chicks plus size! They are Thais Carla and Tatiana Lima, and danced next to Pip and its two principal dancers in a recording for the show Caldeirão do Huck. Girls debuted, of course, to the sound of quick stop and hits as Yes or no and Bang.

In an interview with GShow, Tatiana, who teaches physical education, celebrated the news:

“I’m enjoying very much the experience of dancing to the general public, since very little dancing has always been a passion for me. Anyway, everything that involves art fascinates me, motivates and this challenge is being fantastic, “ told. “The premiere was today and it was very gratifying to be on stage and perform in the program of Huck”.

Found the Thais face familiar? The girl was the winner of the frame Turns 30 us, the Domingão do Faustão, and had danced with Pip on the Criança Esperança.

Here you can take a peek at the presentation, which airs in the Cauldron.

What do we think? I loved the idea of having dancers plus, especially next to a singer with the popularity and scope of Pip. This just reinforces that the fat lady can dance YES, can be healthy, YES. You can do everything any other makes. And another: how many pop singers have fat ballerinas, huh? I found a lot of Pip setting to promote inclusion and diversity. Out that girls dance too! I’m proud, ladies!

Just a though: not like the wardrobe of them. I don’t know if this is something permanent, but bothered me the dancers plus are pants and blouse closed while the skinny dancers are top and fishnet stockings. I don’t know if it was a choice, but bothered me real. If roll other presentations with them-and, from what I understand, Yes-will roll, it’s worth wearing the same costume, or at least a variation that don’t do girls plus clash. At most, it’s beautiful!Can’t wait to see!