Follow This Style: Raven-Symone

The actress of that’s so Raven and The Cheetah Girls teach girls more plump and dress with charm

Experts give fashion tips for girls with “body” 
On TV, things are not very well as we see 
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None of my clothes fit me because I’m fat. If you repeat this aphorism every time you get out, stop nonsense. Besides being trendy plus size clothes are best in several plump than skinny girls. But we need to find out what’s cool in your body and what it is better to avoid to mount looks nice.

Who has learned to like the pr itself body as it is and valuing what’s beautiful is the Raven-Symoné, Raven’s visions. The 24-year-old, she’s already done the series that takes your name and some films, such as Dr. Dolittle, The Cheetah Girls and the newly released Revenge of the Bridesmaids, made-for-tv. And she lost weight not to do any of them. Raven is plus size and look great with it.

That’s why, when you go to parties and premieres, Raven don’t hide behind huge black cloths in an attempt to win non-identifiable contours and thus nobody notice she has wide hips, thick legs and big bust. She abuses dresses, belts to mark the waist and even dares in necklines. If we observe the outfits the actress, you learn many secrets!

Big breasts

Who has bust bulky and do not want to seem indiscreet, can replace the spaghetti strap blouse for a race. The same goes for dresses. If he seems more reinforced on top, the volume of the breasts is more proportional. Raven knows this and loves dresses with short sleeves, which also help people who don’t like the arms. Which doesn’t mean you have to hate your arms just because they’re not skinny.It’s just that, if you want to disguise.

And if you do not want to further enhance her breasts, do not use, nor under Decree, a canoe!

Big hips

To balance the volume of hips, is nice find a middle ground: not the skinny, that thin and makes your hips look wider still, and even a wide or ballooning skirt, which just by excess cloths also cause this weird feeling that what’s inside the clothes. The best are the knee and tights that are wider toward the ankle (the name of this model is the trumpet), straight pants and skirts evasê.


Not to shorten the legs, the tip is to always: no ankle boots of a color, tights of another color and leave a third shade. So, you cut your poor little legs in three slices. If you like ankle boots, use with socks of the same color and leave in a tom next.

The best place for your skirt finish is on the knees, which is already a natural cut of the body. But if you think it’s too young to wear a skirt to the knee, it’s okay, we understand.

Raven has a great trick to lengthen the silhouette: wear dresses with straps just below the breasts, marking the high waist. That way, she creates a guitar body and, pulling the waist up there, your legs are longer.