Five Years Miss BARTOZ

Time for something new or?

Peng and already have five years, miss BARTOZ is FIVE!

I will this time with a “how it all started and what came” Posting spare. Suffice to say it has done in the market and also on this website is a lot.

What began as a blog, more of a stopgap out because there were hardly any images of curvy women in cool clothes five years ago, has developed into a kind of magazine. Moreover, your daily emails in which asks questions, I also show that the field of counseling has grown up.

That’s where I sit now with something new.
Long enough I have already in mind, often came what in between, now I have time, desire and a plan for the


You can ever look at your calendar, more information coming in a few days.

Ick looking forward to me! And now a fanfare!