Five Years Glorious!

Five years Prachtvoll in Syke, the Day:

One wonders how boutique owner Dorothee makes it that at your events is basically a great weather, but it has succeeded in again. On Saturday, the people did not go to the lake, although temperatures have more than allowed, but came to the big fashion show, grabbed bargain, met with the anniversary and celebrated together this success.

That alone is a huge compliment and I am pleased that the lock pasture 1 around a so cordial and loyal community has formed.

With this on the catwalk and open to all questions on the subject of style: plus-size model Christin Thomsen.

Before it started the fashion show, there was a small opening act. Dorothee has a hobby in which it comes, perform acrobatic choreography on a horse. I have unfortunately forgotten the concept, lunging it is not true completely. The whole thing, hold on tight, place else instead of galloping horses! PS: it is: Vaulting.

The Boutique Prachtvoll in Syke celebrating this coming Saturday, 10/09/16 its fifth anniversary and invites you all!

There is a great plus-size fashion show, snacks are, initiated with Prosecco and here and there certainly a few extra bargains. The owner of the great boutique, Dorothee, whispered to me that there will be actions with blouses and tunics for ten euros and more.

So there are many reasons to pitch there! I’ll definitely be there and glad readers meet. Syke is half an hour away from Bremen and I think with the Curvy Fashion Show will be the rock the place properly.

Here some official:

The fashion show will begin on Saturday, 10.09.2016 at 14:30
Address: Magnificently, castle pasture 1 288 857 Syke shopping can be 09:30 to 19:00 and on Sunday from 13: 00-18: 00 open.

I am glad totally that there is this boutique, where you still hear so much of closures. At the very beginning we already got to know. Here a film of four years ago, we are not sweet?

What with “I do that now” started has blossomed into an address (that I know of you) on the way to the seaside is definitely planned as a departure. In Bremen area and around the boutique has become fixed address for great fashion in larger sizes, what a great success!

Something new beginnings, stay tuned and be successful before, I always take my hat. Love Dorothee and Team of Glorious mode, I congratulate you sincerely on this fifth anniversary and really looking forward to our reunion. Many more anniversaries, happy customers and a successful business I wish you.

PS: who is not able on Saturday, which is of course VERY would be a pity there until 09.17.2016 a jubilee discount of 10% on all purchases at Glorious. Also: changed opening times under the “Fashion, car and more” (as one can then still the same friends pack) on 10/09. 9:30 a.m. to 19:00 and on Sunday open 11:09 13:00 to 18:00. Come and bring friends with!