Find Inspiration and New Ideas?

Mood boards and what they are good

Find inspiration sometimes not easy. In recent weeks I have often interviewed been and since the question came quite often to their own inspiration for this website. For me is not half the problem is that there is a lack of ideas, but rather that I have to structure them. So I have come among others to mood boards.

I know these compilations from my work in advertising and marketing. To visualize ideas, to make them available for others, it is not always profitable, to come up with numbers and market analysis. If it is creative, images are needed. So a mood board may be certain moods, Refinement color schemes, status symbols and things show with the audience engaged and and and.

Must always be all digital?

The whole you created today directly on the computer. If you like, my are Pinterest boards for women’s bras also moodboards. There I put on specific topics, pictures to a bulletin board (Board) together. (Mood = mood).

I’m fed threw in my job as a fashion blogger for Plus Sizes with material from all sides. Add to that my own commitment, traveling, trade fairs and fashion shows and of course the many magazines that I read. This has led me to another way of collecting and compiling. I do this offline, with Klebestifft and scissors.

Previously, the art education, today it is part of my job

Particularly desolate it looks in the office then from the beginning of the season. As I put together, so to speak, the first half-board. And I do not pay attention to Plus Sizes but the trends. There are, then they’re Dekosache, nature images, snippets from somewhere and other stuff on the wall until it possible to detect trends. I see fashion magazines with my own recordable etc. pp. If the wall is, it is the common thread of the next four to six months and almost all articles that follow have something to do with it.

It is being revised to London ūüėČ

I do this but also private if I want to change as my apartment. Then I collect, sometimes just in one carton, things that appeal to me and one day I cant everything on the table and it quickly becomes clear in what colors and worlds I want to live.

By Schnipselkram can be making money

But now time for fashion. With the advent of many fashion blogs resourceful businessmen have come up with something. You know maybe stylefruits, Polyvore, Mystylehit? These are platforms on which you can customize very easily these mood boards. The business behind: all fashion retailers who sell their products there, pay for it. The “Board creators” so the members can create profiles, can choose their boards and in some they are getting for their commitment and a coupon, with a corresponding ranking. When embedding the whole board in his blog this happens with all details, such as price, manufacturer and Deep Link. The blogger does not earn more this Zeitupunkt with however.

This example shows Stylefruits, after the search entry “Business” and “Green”:

The whole concept has become the majority of fashion blogs and Fashion Inspired without blog so successful that it is the whole also in the field of Living there since about 1.5 years, IE furniture and decorative items. The user simply make such a lot of advertising for the products and for free! that can only be worthwhile.

Here the recordable Polyvore. The style boards which one assembles there, you can also accumulate with graphic elements:

Of course, it did not take long and the individual brands have this added value be reiterated any and itself developed a mood board technology. Many fashion houses offer online now itself styling Pinnwände. Here you can also sign up to be chosen and also gain something. The attraction lies much more in the fun and the handling of the fashion and in the inspiration of others.

Here is an example of Sheego. The outfit left I arranged time for viewing. Right selecting categories, behind which then are the individual garments:

Asos has such a range. Because the brand is internationally, there are several every minute

Inspiration with one blow: Travel

Since I was in London and it comes to sources of inspiration here, I can not omit this plus size lingerie. Who wants to know is what trend and soon comes to us after Germany, just drive there. A single visit to Topshop and colors, cuts, fabrics are clear. Last year, the whole place was full of neon, as we had hanging nix still no time in Germany. That really hurt me in the eyes hurt, but with only two accessories that I bought there, I was able to master the whole season. So, who wants to know what is going on, fashion blogs looks at from UK or moving there myself.

Always and everywhere keep their eyes open:

Art ideas

Full necessarily art and the houses they look at home. As used herein, the Tate modern, I I was FINALLY.(Solely for the house and the Museum shop you have in there)

This aura also discovered brands for themselves, the evening TOPSHOP has shown there the HW14 Show:

I do not know if anyone can understand, but this photo, I have suspended me. Me it inspires total.

The glamorous feeling that creeps over you when you selfsame increases up to teatime in the premises of the Victoria & Albert Museum, a long and does not let go.

And then kommste out of there, the Tate in the back, going over the Millennium Bridge by Fosters and go directly to St. Paul’s Cathedral to. So this can really only London!

but I also like to dig in so rumpel shops around, even grocery stores abroad can inspire, especially when they are in Chinatown.