Festive Fashion

Let’s go, one can ultimately not resist it? I have everything I need, but a small new bauble, perhaps still a glitter jacket or a pair of beautiful earrings. Things you have to begrudge for Christmas or the New Year is also a beautiful reminder of a great evening. You are then charged, so to speak the same emotional. At least, I justify my small southern purchases ūüėČ

A few days ago Karolina has shown you how to use jewelry. Just as it is properly maintained and kept. A great Tdext in which I have learned a lot.

Today we speak of everything else…

Whoever the right dress Zizzi buys, we want to see PHOTO! All three items just in such a sort time Sale at navabi.

Here I have you picked out a whole range of beautiful dresses. About Evans, in which the return shipping is now the way free. Was not more also endure, this complicated system.

For several years, say special christmas tradition from England, also joined us. The whole family sits in hideous sweaters at the table and eats relaxed. If you like it, here some of Boohoo.com

Who liked this also asos has a wide range of relaxing atrocities ūüėČ shipping, as always, free.

In sheego every six weeks is a small new collection “she got it” launched about a year ago. From “dark romance” line is the beautiful dress in the middle. The other two are from Anna Scholz for sheego. Links the top is printed on jersey, right real tip. I still have something to sparkle, also from the shop, down to ūüėČ

Somewhat taken back, but no less festive, it goes to the last compilation. All parts are seen from Zizzi at Adler Mode (some already reduced). I have you placed two bags to make such a style more casual. It is also still the 01/04/2016 and then the beautiful parts should not just disappear in the closet.

Yes and Shoes? The is also available. For convenient inside-stay-event, for the club and for all chic and high. 29-69 Euro. Seen at out site.

How do you do that so over the holidays? I make myself just Christmas Eve and New Year’s chic. The other day I’ll lie around at least half in sweatpants.