Fashionable New Year’s Resolutions

Start the New Year with new style intentions. What do you want to change at your wardrobe? I asked five stylish plus-size women according to their intentions for 2016.

The beginning of a new year is like an empty, unmarked page. The perfect time so to think about some things. Just like your own wardrobe. If you could start with this all over again, what would you change? I’ve asked five of my plus-size blogger friends what their style resolutions are for 2016 (pssst, even my very personal intent is there). One of the most interesting results that we all want to change something more in terms of our fashion philosophy, rather than something specific not to stop wearing or a trendnot to follow. How do we want to change our styling rules? Read more…

My style for the New Year is that I only wear what I like about myself and not what others would rather see in me.

My fashionable New Year’s intent is to invest more in timeless pieces that I can wear forever.

I want to muck my wardrobe and buy less, but better clothes in the future.Every year I buy far too many things, nothing really feels like. This year I would like to change this and make sure to buy only fashionable highlights.

My style resolutions for 2016 are that I only buy things that fit me and my style.Not the style I wanted to have or clothes that might be nice, but not really me.This not only makes styling easier in the morning, but also saves money.

I would like to work to reduce my wardrobe. I will donate everything I have not worn the past six months, and before I buy something next, I’ll think about how I can combine the part with at least five outfits.