Fashion Tips: The Elegance Of Those Who Wear Size G Or Plus Size

Some women who wear size G still think that they should only choose models of very wide and straight clothes, which end up leaving the body without definition and in disharmony.

Here are some tips to value this physical type of woman and to take small questions that arise when it comes to producing:

:: Colors do not always have to be neutral if the look has some points that disguise and, above all, value its elegance.

:: Any detail that creates a vertical line, sharpens the silhouette.

– :: Models do not have to be fair or too large; They must accompany the contour of the body.

:: Fluid fabrics, like musseline, satin or silk, have a great trim.

:: Who has a low waist should mark it, as this leaves the body more feminine and reduces the measures.

:: There is no need to cover the whole body, the woman should show a little skin: lap, legs or arms, as this will make the look lighter.

:: The monochrome look, light or dark, stretches and sharpens the silhouette. Associated with a deep V neckline, lengthens the body and neck.

:: Vibrant colors brighten the look and can be used without exaggeration, especially if mixed with soft tones.

:: Strong-colored shoes or sandals draw attention to the feet, and aside from being current, they divert attention away from the body.

:: The shoe platforms help stretch the legs and neutral tones as well, as they do not contrast with the color of the legs, in case the dress is short.

:: Powerful (always long) accessories, well-groomed hair and skin, are also very important in feminine elegance.

What counts, in the end, is for the woman to discover her style if she likes and accepts her body with the measures he has.