Fashion Tips For Chubby: How To Value The Plus Size Silhouette

Check Out Some Tips And How To Assemble Looks With The Main Pieces Of Wardrobe.Meet 13 Bloggers Who Will Help You Have Inspiration When It Comes To Dressing.

Being a little overweight, feeling more chubby is not synonymous to being out of style. Women can, and should, abuse their curves and invest in clothes that highlight what is best in their bodies and make them look more beautiful and elegant.

The plus size fashion has been growing and showing that everyone can have that outfit that is trend and does not need to wear 36 to be fashionable.

“The important thing is to know what values ​​their strengths and what camouflages their imperfections,” is the advice of the image consultant, Juliene Teixeira .

Forget this story that a chubby woman should only wear loose clothing and know what you can use to further enhance your curves by dressing in clothes that are trend.

Right Vs. Right Wrong: Learn How To Value Your Curves

Every woman should know her body and her needs before deciding what to wear. Check below a list with some tips that you can follow so you do not go wrong when choosing what to wear:

Betting on clothes that value your body and that leave you feeling confident is a necessary tip to avoid making mistakes when dressing. “Using what demeans your silhouette, just because it is fashionable, can be fatal,” adds Juliene.

Know your wardrobe, know which clothes can enhance your body and make you more beautiful, is another tip given by the consultant.

Understand your style and your routine, your clothes have to agree. If you need more elegant clothes to work on, you have to invest in them.

“Fiery women should avoid anything that makes them feel more cuddly,” says Juliene.There’s no need to hide anything, just point out what’s most beautiful about you, this will help balance your outline.

“Fluid clothes, with proper modeling, perfect trim. If it is to adjust, that is to value the silhouette “, is the recommendation of Juliene.

As for colors, there is not a single one that values ​​the silhouette. “What should always prevail are tonalities. They give the perfect connection with the tones of eyes and hair “, guides Juliene.

For accessories, there is also no specific rule. “Everything is possible when it comes to being fashionable and displaying a style. Fashion is becoming more and more democratic.Abuse that, “suggests the consultant.

Looks For Chicks

Here’s how to use the top pieces of the women’s wardrobe and learn how they can add value to your silhouette.

Looks With Skirt

The skirt is a very feminine piece and leaves any look more beautiful. For plus size women it is ideal to use pencil and straight skirt models, as indicated by Juliene, and that value the hip region.Avoid skirts with too much ruffles or details that can create an unwanted volume.

The heel helps to lengthen leaving the body longer and knee-length skirts are ideal for not flattening the silhouette. Embossed skirts can also be used, but if you want to narrow the region, give preference to small prints.

Looks With Shorts

The shorts are great for creating more stripped-down looks and chubby women can use and abuse the piece without being limited to those going up to knee height. Take care only with tissues that can enhance the cellulite.

Choose models of shorts that are more straightforward, this helps not to score and also lengthens the silhouette. Light colors are allowed, as long as the shorts do not lie flat on the hip. To lengthen the silhouette, jumping is always a good option, but also sneakers or other nude shoes do the same function.

Looks With Skinny Jeans

The skinny is a classic model among jeans and looks good on any woman. “It is a great substitute for legging, it gives a more tidy air,” reinforces Juliene. The jeans fabric helps not to mark too much, modeling the silhouette.

Choose shorter pieces that cover the butt on the top or give the jacket with a blazer to model the waist. Darker pants also help soften the fact that it is a fair model.

Looks With Dress

The dress is also a pretty feminine option. The best model, according to Juliene, is the structured fabric tube dress that will help not to dial, but at the same time define the silhouette.

The models that mark the waist are also good option. As for length, use the same rule of skirt and wear knee-length dresses or shorter if you want to show more legs. To not flatten the silhouette, jumping is always a good option.

Looks With Jeans

The flare pants are great for valuing any woman’s body. Fairer at hip height and wider from the knee, it simultaneously defines and lengthens the silhouette. The tip that Juliene gives to hit the pants is to leave the bar close to the ground.

The jump here is almost indispensable, because it is he who will help not to flatten his silhouette.Abuse of colors to make your look more cheerful and less formal. The blouse has to be at waist height, not hiding the hip.

Where To Buy Beautiful Plus Size Clothes?

One is deceived who believes that there are no modern clothes and a suitable trim for fatter women. Today there are a multitude of stores that sell clothes for women with larger sizes that are super well made, with great finish and are still trends of the moment.

The 13 Plus Size Bloggers You Must Follow To Get Inspired

When it comes to dressing, does the doubt arise about what to wear and how to wear it? Always have in hand the blogs of 13 plus size women that will make you more comfortable and confident when it comes to dressing. Know the tips and be inspired by the looks that these national and international bloggers create.