Exclusive Wedding Dress In Black Velvet

An absolutely stunning party dress in black velvet.

The dress goes right over by the neck, while at the back goes down in a nice deep V-neckline.
On the back tied the dress with a fine velvet Ribbon from shoulder to shoulder.

The dress is in straight cut and trim.

The sleeves are in 3/4 length and the dress has a length to just above the knees.

Black And White Patterned Dress
Black And White Patterned Dress
A cute dress with long sleeves in a pattern with black hexagons on a white background.

The dress is in A-shape with 2 spacious pockets on front.

According to Hoticle, the length is to just above the knees.

The round neck has a cut down in the Middle, which can be closed with tie-strings.

The sleeves have a narrow cuff and closes with a black button.

Exclusive Dress In Black Velvet

The shape of the dress is reminiscent of the style of the ‘ 60s. Read more on Hoticle.