And sewn… So you would have thought that the knitting trend assumes such dimensions? Clear than Lenny the first time with his scarf (one could also say carpet) appeared the trip was somehow clear. But actually I was at that time especially Lenny hot. Today the picture is almost a bit silly.

Knitting follows one of the major megatrends: naturalness. Although we carry a lot of wild polyesters, the natural material is the actual core. In addition, the trend of Einkuschelns and something like a whole new world. You may remember the sneakers to dress. The trend, which was heralded by the legendary “Super Market Show” a few seasons of Chanel.

Leger, but classy, casual, but with style, cozy but with whistling. Ideal for the office, for everyday life and at home anyway. Large towels, long scarves or the favorite of my long cardigans. ( Here the article to those who are interested) the same for the sweaters, there are at navabi.

Actually, I’m waiting so only on the trend of knitted underpants … But joking aside. Since Evans has finally introduced the free return, because you can sometimes order without stress. However, the Hinversand is free only on orders 75 Euros. Oh and look at times, slightly lowered, it is also.

On the Curvy in Berlin I have the brand No Secrets to slightly more under the microscope. Part of the current collection have now at Adler found again. Is slightly higher-priced, often has for a wool content.

Maybe you’ve noticed it already. Sheego now has approximately every six weeks a capsule collection she sheego it baptized. The dress that knows her from Facebook, comes to a recordable next. There is a whole mini collection, “Winter Dawn” has only the knitting trend content to Winter. Beautiful parts are.

Here are the aforementioned image of the episode collection shee got it. As you can see, these mini collections are quickly gone. So you know already something comes her 😉