Endless Summer

Four tips on how to keep your Tan as long as possible and delay the summer so at least on the skin. Plus: a beautiful, Brown complexion care products

Get Tan

The following care products help to have some of the summer Tan longer.

Maximum Tan

The after Sun care “Tan Maximizer Rich Firming Cream” is a multi-talent: the cream moisturizes sun care of stressed skin after not only and soothes them, but prevents also Sun-induced skin ageing and activates the mechanisms of tanning for up to 80 percent more Tan! “Tan Maximizer rich firming cream” from Lancaster to 30 euro. To the shop

Tan quickly

The “sublime bronze self tanning wipes Duo” provide to the refreshing your summer Tan in the blink of an eye. L ‘ Oreal, 2 euro. To the shop


The self-tanning milk “Eau Lactee” ensures natural Tan in the face and decollete – when ever you feel on a summer Tan. The lotion soothes the skin, moisturizes, and can be applied without artificially tanned themselves on pale skin. “Self tanning milk Eau Lactee for face & Decollete” by Clarins, to 30 euro. To the shop

A drop of magic

A few drops of this Selbstbrauners with Walnut extract gives skin a smooth, Golden complexion and ensures a natural result without ugly patches. “Gocce Magiche viso” from Collistar, 30 euros. To the shop

Countless hours we have shot us in the Sun from one side to the other, to become completely Brown. But just as quickly the sheets solve of the trees in the fall, also the Tan our skin disappears after the summer. Unfortunately we cannot extend the warm season, but with the following tricks, it is at least possible to keep the great Brown complexion:

1 stay nice and Brown by moisturizer:

So that the skin does not lose the Tan, is a sufficient moisture supply the A and O. Already in the Browning phase, a regular cream with an après Sun lotion is duty after sunbathing. And even after the holidays a skin care product should be used continue daily, that populates the skin’s moisture depots. Ingredients such as jojoba, avocado or almond oil and Aloe Vera, vitamin A and E not only help to preserve the summer complexion, but also protect against Sun-induced skin damage. Extra moisture Tip: rather lukewarm showers instead of hot to bathe, and use a mild oil.

  1. with the right food and beverages increase the Tan:

You can provide a longer-lasting summer Tan through your diet. Who drink lots of mineral water, makes a makeover from the inside, and thus gets a great complexion. Also the consumption of carotinoidhaltiger food such as, for example, tomatoes, spinach, oranges, can help apricots and carrots in preserving the Tan because they stimulate the production of melanin and the skin pigment formation.

  1. Pablo for long Tan:

Sounds only times illogical: you should Peel the skin to prolong the Tan. A gentle body scrub once a week but in fact ensures that loose dead skin cells are removed. Thus we’re looking again at spotless Jet skin and an even Tan comes to the fore.

Help 4 the Tan: you should avoid tanning booths to promote premature skin aging. Against the use, nothing speaks of self-tanning and bronze powders, however. So the result is uniform and spotless, a peeling is recommended before applying the tanning products. In addition, the Tan seems more natural when you use just a few drops of Selbstbräuners and mix them with your body lotion or cream after Sun.