Eating Disorders and GNTM

Last year, as the TV show “Germany’s Next Top Model” celebrated its tenth anniversary, a much-cited study found (eg here at the star “Extremely beautiful”) about the relationship between eating disorders and the concepts of the program, “The biggest loser” and just GNTM on the market.
now, this study is the open source book entitled “Why I see less of” all interested parties freely accessible. Click here for the book.

The leader of the pack, which creates suffering

It was the first generation of young women who is fully grown up with Heidi and her Meeedchen. The has absorbed unfiltered what is beautiful and what is, one should not be equipped with these genes can do to be there.
The central theme of this: the slim body.
The message: it’s all about the perfect body toward happiness, as this body must be constituted, one learns, now in its 11th year, detailed of Heidi and her team.

The book is a mix of study results and interviews with affected girls who are already suffering from an eating disorder. For example, Mia, 22, anorexic:

In the time in which I have longed for orientation, this mission seemed to take on this task. I have learned that only flawless beauty, purity, slimming happiness can make Lich. Sports, healthy eating and thinness were the only true way to success. The judgments of the jury seemed seemingly devastating when a girl (…) had increased one to two kilos. (…) “
Source:” Why I see not so “, page 67, Chapter: The Sickening in the logic of GNTM

Never before has the media pressure and the dictates of the ideal of beauty so directly to young people off as they are today. Always new lean trends such as the Bikini Bridge or the current A4 sheet, with the women present to Instagram to prove that her waist disappears behind, put mainly girls under pressure.

A TV show can make you sick?

As you can of course sit back and say what a nonsense.

This distance, you need to just not happy in the wake of an all PRESENT dictates of beauty = = slender, had as I with his mid-forties.

When I look GNTM I do it with irony or because actually times an outfit interesting and more recently because of “your Mudda Michalsky” waiting me that the new judge on the side of the permanent expert Hajo again slipping any knocker in his slang. Mostly I clean way to, write or cook while in the background Heidi’s contenders among the most absurd conditions try a decent photo to get. Always under the guidance of model mom Heidi, who knows exactly what arrives.

This unfiltered bombarded the instructions for happiness, which has primarily to do with a perfect, slim and toned body, a beautiful or a maximum of “interesting” face and a more even skin, I can, as well as the authors of Why I see not like this? Dr. Maya Götz and capture Caroline Mendel objectively and scientifically most.

By published interviews and quotes thins a bit of curtain and I can imagine the harrowing struggle in the minds and souls of the current generation of girls. The fight this very young women do not view this with a life-experienced (in this case my) maturity for the purpose of sprinkling the consignment.

“Germany’s Next Top Model has greatly influenced me, because I have explained myself well with my girlfriends very with it and because the models also idols were, I’ve compared me. So I wanted to look as “Catherine, 15, anorexic. Source:” Why I see not so “, page 55, Chapter: The GNTM System

I myself had a friend who was eating disorder. Back when I found out what she was driving behind my back, I have it as they tried, and once set myself after eating finger down her throat. After that I had totally whacked broken capillaries on the face, a rough neck and felt. That was not for me and I let it stay.

When I imagine, this innocent attempt at a “oh how handy you puke that just from diet” would today (15) held at the same age as then, with all the many accounts, web sites, forums, communities me worst, much to have guided simpler procedure, I understand the soul suffering of many girls from a little better today.

The friendship broke up probably at the bulimia my girlfriend. That had their change to do with me at that time was, of course, not yet clear. Whether she survived, I do not know.

Dear Parents…

Of adolescent (and younger) children, especially you, I offer this book to your hearts.

You will have an eating disorder may not be able to prevent, but you have with the book is a way to better understand what is going on in your children.

It is very readable and a kind of factual report, which also contains the latest scientific findings on eating disorders. It examines the relationship of the said program, with a focus on GNTM and eating disorders, but is, in my opinion, on the “body hype” of eg Instagram transferable even if the values ​​mediating matriarch Heidi missing.