Dubai Insider Tips

It is a city of extremes, in which it is never boring and each time anew to discover something new.Today blogger Anna von Mangoblüte reveals her personal top tips:

Dubai is the pulsating heart of the United Arab Emirates and a place to which I am continually attracted several times a year to be exact. In addition to the best weather (by the way all year round), Dubai offers countless good restaurants, superlative shopping malls as well as action for every taste. And as if there were not enough reasons to pack the luxury destination on top of its rice list, Dubai Obendrein still boasts a magnificent skyline, endless beaches and beautiful hotels.

As you can see, the city has won my heart. Today, I am going to tell you my favorite hot spots and to-dos in Dubai, including styling proposals-I have already pre-packed for you so you do not have to worry about your day plans or your wardrobe:

1. Go On A Safari Tour

What you should have made clear when you first fly to Dubai is a safari tour through the desert. You can easily book the trips on the Internet. Particularly convenient: they are picked up by the organizations and brought back to the hotel. I would especially recommend an “Evening Safari Dinner Tour”. First you drive in a jeep over the adventurous sand mountains, can marvel at the most romantic sunset I have ever seen, riding on camels or squatting through the desert.The icing on the cake: a dinner including a belly dance under a clear skies. My tip: Absolutely warm things to take, because in the evening it is quite cold.

  1. Chasing Bargains

Another must-do in Dubai is the ” Gold Souk”  at Baniyas Road in the old Deira district. There you can make beautiful jewelry bargains (because nowhere is gold so cheap) – provided you can negotiate well. Do not be dazzled by diamonds and gold!

  1. Meet Culinary Dreams

My favorite Arabic restaurant is ” Khan Murjan” , which is located in the pyramid-like shopping mall ” Wafi”  .Actually, it is an insider tip among locals, as you can smoke in the summer one of the best shishas (water pipe) in the open air, without you melting, because the restaurant has a special fireplace effect. My tip: simply order the oven-fresh, delicious bread with a fewMezze (small dishes) and enjoy the unbeatable atmosphere.

  1. Go Up To The Top Of The World

In the world’s tallest building, ” Burj Khalifa”  is the “Dubai Mall”  -the world’s largest shopping mall, which is being expanded despite its huge size of a million square meters. No wonder you can stay here for hours, if not for days. Each well-known brand has a store here and you will find just everything you are looking for! My tip: put on comfortable shoes and  buya ” Papparoti Bun” (a sweet, soft roll) for a break , go out and  admire ” The Fountains” every hour.

  1. Off To The Beach

In the ” Marina” district  on Jumeirah Beach Road is another of my favorite hot spots: the Beach. During the day it is a public beach and in the evening a beautiful and quiet promenade with delicious restaurants and shops. You can have breakfast there in the morning in the Ladurée , then go to the beach, have a healthy smoothie at noon, go to the cinema in the evening and have dinner at Shake Shack .

  1. Bring The Brunches To Shopping

I can  recommend you a delicious and healthy brunch in the concept store ” Comptoir 102″ . The dishes are very light, but they are good enough and strengthen perfectly for a day of sightseeing. I recommend you take the menu and order a matcha latte-very tasty.After dinner, you can relax on the veranda or shop extravagant things for the apartment or wardrobe.

  1. A Mosque Visit

If you have time and desire, you can head to Abu Dhabi and  visit the stunning ” Sheikh Zayed Mosque”. My tip: make sure to put on a long dress or have a long pants to change. You can rent a cape on the spot, but it is safe. I still remember how overwhelmed I was by the beauty of this architectural work … definitely pack your camera!

  1. Only For Dizziness

If you are already in Abu Dhabi, you can  make the “Aston Martin  Experience” at YAS Island . With 420 things 20 minutes on a Formula 1 track race – an unforgettable experience! Since the cars are very uncomfortable and do not have air conditioning, I recommend you to wear a long but loose-fitting and comfortable trousers as well as an airy top. Wear sports shoes and sunglasses and gas.

  1. Enjoy French Or Japanese

If you are looking for a different cuisine, I can  only recommend the two restaurants ” La Petite Maison” and ” Zuma” , located in the new district DIFC. The French restaurant ” La Petite Maison”  offers  deliciousfish and ” Zuma” delicious Japanese dishes with a twist. Do not forget to reserve! After the meal, you can go for a wonderful walk and take a look at my favorite towers, the “Emirate Towers”, which are particularly beautiful to look at when the sun has passed and they are illuminated.

  1. Enjoy Life

Another highlight near Abu Dhabi is the ” Saadiyat Beach Club” by  the sea. From early morning to late, you can relax at the beach, swim in the long pool, swim in one of the many restaurants, go to the spa or go to the fitness club. I chose to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the sea and spent a dream day there. The dresscode is: Glamor! That’s why I would wear this beautiful swimsuit:

  1. Enjoy A Luxury Accommodation

Another tip on top: The hotel ” One & Only Royal Mirage”  in Dubai right at the artificial island ” The Palm  Jumeirah”  I can highly recommend. The service, the location and the hotel itself are very good and the spa area is just a dream! You will feel like you are in a “1000-and-a-night fairy tale”!