Denise Bidot the Face of Zizzi

Denise Bidot is the face, the Role Model, model and image of the wearer’s Plus Size Brand Zizzi from Denmark. It is the way American and called for some years her NY home. She has worked brands wei Macys, Old Navy, Lane Bryant and Forever 21 already for the relevant American Plus Size. I like about her that Freche, and find that it radiates an incredible sensuality.

Here are some pictures from the current campaign:

Denis Bidot, more than one model

Zizzi Denis Bidot has something new and considering the whole tenor of the campaign speaks to me totally. It is about no rules, “I’am beautiful so are you” so much my credo: just fashion! I had long to be allowed only intended carrying sick of cuts and there are more and more women who see the same. That now a brand takes up this resentment and turns him speak and proclaimed as an offer and invitation is new.

Visitors using social media channels like Instagram or Twitter, this Hashtags can even enter in the search. For this purpose we post blogger and many more impressions and pictures: # Accept no rules #Freestyle boot # I’m beautiful so are you

Already pretty awesome right? So me Denise Bidot speaks from the heart and I have similarly charming and beautiful only seen at Carmakoma. The yes come from Denmark. Although not as big as Zizzi (their distribution with that of H & M is comparable) are but it is also Danish. The seem to have it, not only with the Lakrizten. 🙂

A few more pictures of Denise Bidot for Zizzi NO RULES campaign

Why am I writing all this? Because I tomorrow to go Copenhagen and Denise Bidot meet will be there.

After so many beautiful pictures now the bad news. The Zizzi Online Shop provides not to Germany. (that hurt now, I know) There are two Zizzi stores in the north, one in a in Flensburg and Hamburg. Also leads navabi a small range. Zizzi also be found in every Danish town at least once.

About Denise Bidot:
is American and comes from Miami. At 18, she went off to become an actress. For modeling they came by accident. As sometimes happens, and been all gone and committed without any prior knowledge about a shooting. Since it was already for many brands on camera. Denise is a mother of a daughter and lives in NYC. And she sees the way also unvarnished fabulous.

If you want to know more about Denise Bidot: this is your homepage