Denim Love

Jeans, indeed like worn allover times lately is alive and kicking simple. I’ve denied me for years and am only came back two years ago with the Slimfits to Jean taste. Jeans is a great material and fortunately for many seasons more than “just an ol trousers”.

New lightweight weaves

Jeans is really no new material, but what is new is the many new weaves that make the formerly very solid fabric for a light summer fabric.

Cut links long and on figure jacket by Steilmann about Adler – right: slightly shiny dress from M & S Mode.

This new material can also often Chambray be a linen and cotton blend, has thus with the original jeans something in common, especially the optics. Here’s an example:

New sections new feelings: flared

From shock will flare. The concept is you perhaps met before. It is different from the impact of the seventies, the literally in the middle of the knee. Especially the material is much softer and the width often already starts at the top, as in the right example.

Both pants: Violeta by Mango, which offer now also to size 54th Report Please times when someone has tried. The left crossing costs just 25,90) Can you try so times.

Flared jeans I tried and learned to love last year. At first I thought: no, I have to my slender legs emphasize and was surprised by how changed the proportion, if you ever tried something else. It has become my favorite jeans in the summer. Tasted but she has a fortune worth, it has all the time.

. Here full article Since it was also pant;)

Today that is flared and can look like this:

It’s kind of crass, but I like that too, just because it looks almost bad at first glance:

The remains: Slim Fit

The other day I read an article in which the fashion industry complained that actually only bought since the slimfit this, combined with shells and. For four seasons No question, if there tidy stretch inside, a Slimfit may be super. So you have to try a few cuts.

This is my absolute favorite jeans. One can leave the shell hanging over it, it is beautiful but to insert it in a place like that is currently in demand. In the case, like one at that with a belt. A little tip: I’m 1.78 tall and have the extra long ordered me, it is too long for me. You can get them currently at Adler fashion, at navabi it is temporary not available, but it costs both the same.