Denim Challenge Ootd

After Dee loaded up all the pictures for the denim challenge, where she asked US to dress up some denim shorts, skirt or whatever we wanted to. I can share my outfit with you, I took pictures if for the challenge. So go over to her blog and have a look, everyone looks amazing: the merry traveler – OOTD the all denim in The World .

After Dee uploaded the images for the denim challenge. We should a piece of jeans, and the …naja such as shorts or a skirt, take for example a how you say that in German? “dressing it up” means so much as to style, but I don’t like the word!But you know what I mean. Every case, I can now finally my pictures with you parts.It looks past but also times when Dee blog and look at: the merry traveler-OOTD the all denim in The World.

This is also the first time I am showing you my ASOS Denim Shorts, which are really lovely and pretty comfy. I am wearing them quite often for daily outfits, with cardigans and leggings. Also you can see my new lace leggings. I got them from H&M Bib, and yes you can be surprised about that! They are really cool and look kind of firm and robust, better than some lace tights I got from other shops. And finally (I just noticed that it is a post full of new and not-so-new-but-not-shown-to-you stuff) my big love from this winter (which is finally over!!) the Doc Martens. They were the best thing I ever spend money on.My feet have been warm all winter long, cause they are lined with some fluffy and really comfy stuff!

The Sex Pistol T-Shirt is my all time favorite T-Shirt. I bought it when I was in London for the first time, it was in 2005 and I still was in my “punkrock days” I’ll share a picture with you. Everything else from this picture won’t fit anymore, but the T-Shirt stayed with me. I recently cut out the collar, so it is an off shoulder top, now.

Today there is the first of my ASOS Denim Shorts, a really great and pretty comfortable pair of Jeans shorts. I actually quite often wear the above all to work, with leggings and Cardigan. Her very you mean new lace leggings. There were surprisingly at H & M bib! I think she’s super cool and they look as a whole very robust, I hope we go not so quickly broken other lace tights which I already had.Finally (I realize this grade here is a post filled me new and not so new but still never shown things) it is also my great love of winter, the Doc Martens. My best investment of this winter, because they have my feet always kept warm. They are lined with a soft and fluffy cotton lining and you can walk hours long in there!

The sex pistol T-Shirt is one of my absolute favorite T-shirts. I bought it in London, as I there in 2005 for the first time war…damals more “punk rock” I was! I can show you even a picture of it. First I cut past the collar of the T-Shirt, now it is easy over a shoulder and I don’t really like it.