Curvy Streetstyles London

Curvy Street Styles London 2015 as it did in Berlin and Copenhagen, I always bring a lot of suggestions for curvy women with. So around it a Plus Size Fashion Event in this regard is of course going on a lot.

In London I have been charged for the third time and this time it was a really great show. Great because it was finally smart and professional. But more on that soon. I have done so only 550 images. Unfortunately no joke.

Streetstyles we already had some and I always find it amazing what has to offer London because, also of curvy women. But see for yourself:

Curvy Streetstyles you will also find, if you look down on the suggestions. There you will find ladies from all over the world who have noticed and I have brought you in my camera. You do not always see everything so super, but times take here and there with a suggestion, where can you have, except for us bloggers? ūüėČ
Oh ever I have there times briefly a blow for all of us down. There are indeed still no magazines for fashion in great sizes, the only thing there was sometimes that Big is Beautiful has been set in Germany. The more important the many curvy bloggers have become, because we are the only ones that offer regular fashion, ideas, styling, inspiration and exchange for us. That must now be short sometimes.