Curvy Street Styles Copenhagen

After London and NY it verschlägt me regularly to Copenhagen. There show the Plus Size labels Carmakoma, Zizzi and more, as part of Fashion Week their new collections.

Here one sees in the streets rather this incredibly handsome Danes who are always top in style, but almost a bit boring in the long run. It is this very specific scandinavia Chic, which is found also in the design and architecture. Withdrawn, clear, timeless. But if all are so beautiful then, I am after two days also easily bored.

On the shows it comes naturally to something different. There are still times each on the gas and is reflected in styles that are etwsa extravagant. So even with the Curvy Street Style Copenhagen. Strictly speaking, there are here now is not the “normal folks”, but so what, the main thing I brought the pictures right?

Copenhagen is of course a totally beautiful city, you should have seen me, if only because of bakeries and of course the licorice. (This year I dragged three boxes to take home and it looks like that was again too little)

there to go shopping the way across Denmark stores Zizzi. This is virtually the Plus Size H & M of Denmark. However, and surprised me very much, the Danish Plus Size say bloggers that the assortment in stores greatly differs from that which is available online (in Denmark). That is surprising, but calmed down a bit. Simply because I hope that the vendors who distribute Zizzi in Germany, perhaps ticking similar. Oh, online it is chic and younger go ūüėČ

Some of the ladies are shown Plus Size blogger. The lady with the blue skirt comes from Norway, Els from the Netherlands and then I still need some addresses. ūüôĀ