Curvy is Sexy Plus Size Show in Berlin

Curvy is sexy UPDATE Summer 2014:

The article here is getting longer and my personal feelings for this fair always mixed. At the new location (see below) was certainly not just me a certain expectation.

New Location:

That three days at about 25 degrees in the shade, the air conditioning fails, does not have to, but can happen and I’d say: shit happens. What I found much worse, was this dense throng. The previous location had high ceilings and was, although it probably was smaller terms of surface area, generous and welcoming. In the name of “Palazzo” I had at least a similar expectation.

Many exhibitors had to squeeze, some had not even seen and few had a place where they could implement something like a stand concept. Yesterday I was on the phone with an employee of a Plus Size brand that was glad to have booked this season, slightly more expensive CPD. I could understand what she meant.

But fashion already existed even seen ;-)) and who does not follow me on Instagram, where you see the pictures and movies at once, for I have included two of the films:

New audiences:

In the last two CIS fairs were striking for a trade show, many bloggers on site. I think that’s a great thing, however that is the absolute exception for a trade show. I can tell, because I do not open any door for admission to other fairs such as Bread & Butter had to really fight and also my press card.

This, third, season, the curvy is sexy fair, me were just too many visitors there who actually lost at a trade fair bit. The so-called “one blogger”, so bloggers who write one or two posts and can invite so of brands, authors with self-help books, Models without a job at the fair, people who have nothing to do with the business, but are thick , etc. pp.

Can you do anything, the only question is: It’s the matter?

This is a place to meet suppliers and buyers, and if you ask, does not interfere with and is fortunate that the goods photographed and may be already published, can be there to photograph some nice particles and attract new customers for itself (so one will generally what needs). Mostly however, this is not the case and Marketing and PR people are not even on site. Some vendors make small events around the exhibition and invite bloggers. This year, for example at Junarose, last year there were others.

That exhibitors about the abundance of visitors who are not buyers and partially complete industry foreign, but there take the staff in fitting, complain, (and three days), I can well understand. If the fair management decide to only let in buyers, I could understand it, and it would be so, as now, that I abtelefoniere the brands and let send later my lookbook.

And it was not all stupid, just not as nice as expected.

Curvy is sexy UPDATE 2014:

Curvy is sexy the first major exhibition for Plus Sizes in Germany will have to move even in the third round to Fashion Week Berlin in the summer of 2014, so great is the demand. Solid is ever street, Unter den Linden, who they were the venues is the organizer can still open.

Three things I find it well:

  1. It should now get added lingerie, accessories and swimwear. This means not only a wider range, but also an even stronger internationalization.
  2. Unter den Linden is just one of the best addresses in Berlin, if not Germany and fashionistas know the Owner of this road is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tent, which hosts the big shows.
  3. This in turn means that the Plus Sizes move closer to the straithg sizes and a wider trade audience.

So I must say that I personally have indeed expected, but not so early.

Ick looking forward to me!

Update Winter 2014:

Curvy is sexy Berlin, the exhibition for Plus Sizes, parallel to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, took place just the second time.

At baptism, in the last season, we were there and the reporting t (see below) I could almost copy times in here, were it not to see clear signs of improvement.

Full course – great people:

On the one hand were more interesting labels locally. OpenEnd, Triangle (from S.Oliver) Carmakona and a few more. The show was much better, though upgradeable (see film curvy is sexy Berlin below) Above all, it has got around that in the standard French street 33 what’s going on and mixed with a few celebrities, it was full as, 2013.

Where such a Jorge Gonzales rumtreibt (runway coach of Germany’s Next Top Model), there is also the press and which, the fair did not have enough.

“They have fashion too!”

But star of fashion heaven as Eden Miller , the last year of highbrow, because they (yes that was a news on CNN value) as the first Plus Size Desigernin, “normal” at the NY Fashion Week could present their collection. Oh, the thick also fashion? With Eden can rumalbern properly.

We came to the end of the event this week and shared our on the diversity of markets. to be able to run In such a show with of course has to do with a lot of money. In NY there are between 300 and 400 thousand euros, you have to shell out to be there. In Berlin, in PlasteElaste tent, so about 150 thousand. Eden had a Sposnor without which the would not have been possible.

Links Natalia Weimann , right Eden Miller

There is only a small step

But this relationship also explains many others. Such show is very expensive and small lables can not afford that. The big boats in the Plus Size section are mostly retailers and design less himself, so also do not go into the tent at the Brandenburg Gate.

I think so that it just needs someone fool. So a Kretschmer in the summer in Berlin with Plus Sizes, I have a good feeling. A merger of some designers and perhaps an initiative “per curvy” by whomever carried, would also be an idea to bring the Plus Sizes times into the tent and in the Gala.

And what was there to see?

I do not want to show as much as it is the Autumn / Winter Saioson 14 & 15’s. That much can be said in advance, the winter (the next) is furry. Art Furry! Have a cool fur jacket of OpenEnd had in his hand. Actually, I’m Animal Prints in Plus Sizes about, but the thing was really hot!

So as not to leave you now completely out of water,
here a film of shows with singer Maschenka:

Again hardly turns to the ladies. This time I demand, two reasons I have learned: Firstly at the model agency, with the curvy is sexy 2014 cooperates, secondly to the fact that many sample collections are made in one size, in the best and that is the smallest. Why other shows get it, that 52er sizes are shown and on the curvy is sexy Berlin not again, may have to do with the fact that the brands that so wish and accordingly.
Plus-size model Theresa before her image:

Ingrid, Marcella and Victorine from the plus-size model agency MOS.

And how does it continue?

The industry portal reports that curvy is sexy 2014 Change (in summer) the location. The reason I like it, the demand is so great that the house is no longer sufficient in the French road.

In the article the Süddeutsche on the curvy is sexy, it’s still about the phenomenon that because “fat girl” at Fashion Week is. Schade, who often times great fashion posts. May indeed come, with the curvy is sexy 2014 in July. Stay tuned – stay curvy!

 Here the report of the first Curvy is sexy:

The curvy is sexy was one of the first professional trade shows for plus sizes in Germany.

Every six months, will take place the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. At the same time open many great fashion fairs such as the Premium and Bread & Butter their doors and the whole town is still lively and full of loopy fashion people from around the world.

In this framework was first time a show that also features Plus Sizes, instead: the curvy is sexy.

Some may have seen something about it on television. And I wonder still, why this is such a big issue. That which still needs to be showing this Viewing, delimit, with his finger on it. Could it all be a lot more relaxed, well ok, it is not.

Once again: the city is full but especially shopping with international fashion people who find out that next season goods. That at such an event large sizes have never taken place, is really more than strange. I do not mean socio-political, but very economical. The market is simply huge, how can you let the outside before? Update – – But here even now some changes and in 2014 even more. After this, they curvy is sexy has to be moved because it is bursting at the seams 😉 It is rumored will be among the Linden in Berlin, which is a top address.

Trends, creative and durchgenkallte people watching

I have looked at only a few times trends at the B & B. So really much new there are only times not. Nice Neon remains graphic is even stronger and the sustainability of production plays an increasingly important role.

Sustainable and manufactured in Europe:

The DIY trend is still going on. A conspicuous number of stalls offered materials with which the visitors could tinker bands or edit their own materials themselves creatively. This is nothing new, but has certainly never tinkered so much on the B & B like this season.

Otherwise, there are in many ways always something to look at…

Most stalls are closed off again for themselves, every time you will be rescanned and often should not, without an accompaniment from the stand personnel purely because simply photographed much in secret. Since this is a commodity that is not yet on the market, this is exactly the right moment for piracy. (Which was also the curvy is sexy otherwise)

Curvy is sexy – So what?

On the Curvy is sexy arrived, it was first to enjoy after the sound mix of the B & B, a treat the silence and coolness of the exhibition.

The first and last presentation of Plus Sizes in Germany I have seen in Dusseldorf at the fashion fair of 2010. What there was, was, shall we say, quite easy to beat. The location in Berlin was itself very beautiful. These beautiful spaces are certainly an overall success of all fashion week events in Berlin, even if it means a lot of driving. That is simply what the international fashion crowd wants this: It’s so Berlin.

What was there to see?

A number of large and small manufacturers of fashion in larger sizes and we say, from – to. Above all, once again, the Scandinavians with Zizzi and JunaRose.

Many of the brands you can not order online and is dependent on the retail outlets, which is not even sown so lush. Therefore, although in most cases it was very informative, not really my thing.

Get out of my way with the thicknesses

Why, that must again be specially everything? As it would be to something that only remotely related to fashion, had the Curvy is sexy pull in an extra location. That was indeed very centrally located, but it was just an extra charge Angang, especially for those who are not directly involved with Plus Sizes. From the organizers and local contacts, I learned that it was tried to be a part of the established trade fairs, the Plus Sizes were there but refused.

Even the official shuttle of the fashion week was not allowed there hold (I tried it and the shuttle even drove almost past the location.). Instead, there was an extra limousine:

I understand that these vehicles are eye-catching, but it is also again a strong distinction from everything else that was staged much smarter. A logo in pink and pink carpet in the exhibition space. Yes, that’s obvious, I for one am the image of the “funny fat” and this “Hello now I come” but just a little tired. Lately I experience a lot of that from the community of the curve women intervenes zeitgeist of demarcation around. We, the thicknesses against the rest. That’s not my style, which I distanzier myself, because it is not better, than what the other side was attributed. Therefore, I stand the whole concept of cuvy is sexy over something distant.

At what point is it curvy curvy?

Certainly I am, something very spoiled by my experience of international Plus Size Fashion Events. Particularly with regard to the models. there was on site twice a day a model on the curvy is sexy show and the cry of the curvy present community about the “too thin” models was quite large.

If it must be so that chubby fashion and buyers for selbige Extra arrive then you can but also correctly press the Tube and sometimes leave on the catwalk a 52er size run, assuming there is a pro. I found the show boring and would rather excited with a few Dutch women entertain me when to take pictures.

Interestingly enough, of all Ulla Popken, the brand which, like some other German Plus repeatedly to “lean” get size brands criticized for their models, the only one that had a curvy model in tow.

What we really want?

Again and again comes from all sides criticism that fashion from size 44 is not trendy, not tightly or is even sexy. But the fact is that large cuts and falling materials are the best sellers in the big sizes section.

Just only ask very different

I can not remember a massive and sometimes vulgar criticism that arose, as I have shown on various social media platforms Models of Plus Size Fashion Week in London.

As they were then, the women with curves, a belly and a proper box in his pants. And the same readers, the “real” women have brought up yet to thicker, so-called, appeared horrified by this and also made no secret of their opinion.

What to say to me?

During a conversation at Ulla Popken I had an idea: The brand would indeed now “curvy and sexy” spot. But display were the clothes that combine many of us with the brand. Why? Clear: because that is the product that makes the main sales.

Is it perhaps the case that many curvy women yearn for something they do not wish to claim for themselves? It is talked about self-acceptance, all the forums filled only about “feeling good in your own body”, but in its own reaction, it often seems not nearly as far. This is especially apparent when fat women gossip about other women with oversize. But even in the eternal debate about “favorability”, which indeed always look slimmer means.

So it is then perhaps that everyone gets the fair, he deserves. A sexy fair, as in London, New York or LA in Berlin? Yes, I would like, but as with all pull? Or go the buyers, for this show is made even further? Not because they are shocked, but because they know what their customers buy ultimately?

One answer I do not know myself, even if I have a guess.

What I Want:

Sometimes it seems as if the gap between the standard sizes and 42+ are dug deeper by the cury community. An “us versus them” is getting louder. I personally would like to see from all sides – the fashion industry, retail, advertising – and ultimately with each individual asserts itself more a WE. No Extra clothes and no longer when it comes to enjoy fashion and to their own quality of life limit.

I would also like the Mercedes Benz Fashion week. Not one designer which also sells Plus Sizes is allowed on the show in the tent. That’s too short thought in many ways.

The curvy is sexy is a step in the right direction. That someone has taken in hand to organize this, demands applause and appreciation.

I can not say anything about the success of the exhibition, the information here is a bit slow. Medial was the whole not a bad thing and I would imagine that there should be a next time, even more exhibitors, would come from other countries, to Berlin.

Then, the list might also clever, trendy, youthful and sexy!

Displays times what you can and ensures enthusiasm

it no longer is this separation: it when a mutual and fashion overarching inspiration would take place or even better would be nice. Statistically, the 42plus sizes but anyway in the majority.

This would require the curvy is sexy very smart take place as part of a large exhibition other. Maybe it takes this a few more seasons, so that all stakeholders can also show that they are a MUST SEE the Fashion week.

In my various tours of recent years at the Bread & Butter I’ve learned how to introduce yourself fashion brands, to attract attention. What is because ultimately sold at such a glut of brands? A pair of jeans or a name? I missed some of this spectacle, which is operated elsewhere herein. It is pleasant so quiet, but a bit superficial Bussi thing, it needs already well in order to belong and not again to be the other, where the fun is not so great.

If a show has the word “sexy” in the title, should everyone is on board, this motto transform sat. Both the presentation of the stands themselves, the personnel present, as well as of the whole around it.

I wish for the organizers, the buyers, exhibitors and ultimately the end consumers.