Curvy Fitness With Anna Scholz: Fit, Healthy & Curvy

Anna Scholz is worldwide known for its stylish, noble and unusual plus-size fashion. Last year she has developed programme together with your personal trainer Clifton Fearon – co-owner of the successful London Enlite fitness personal training – the ‘Healthy Curves’ fitness. The fitness program should encourage plus size women to streamline their character and to promote their fitness. There a variety of simple exercises and plenty of tips. What we especially like: Anna Scholz himself shows how do the various exercises. In addition, there are many tips and suggestions what matters in each exercise and what women can achieve.

Curvy Fitness: Alone With The Friend Or The Partner

The healthy curves program is ideally suited for curvy women who wish to improve their general fitness and your well-being.For your curvy fitness you can train at home alone or with a friend. If you want to involve your partner, there are also some exercises: Anna and Clifton have developed several partner exercises. Personal trainer Clifton recommended that you concentrate exercises on “low impact”, to streamline your body and to keep fit.

To the first three exercises – squats, shoulder press, Board – from the healthy curves, program come the next three simple exercises. You are gentle enough for beginners and in visible results will deliver the exercises to friends a few weeks.

New Healthy Curves Exercises With Anna Scholz

Partner Sit-Ups

Sit ups are among the best-known and most popular exercises for the abdominal muscles. “Partner Sit-Ups” are a great way to have fun with your partner. This exercise will strengthen your abdominal muscles.

This is how it’s done

Both lie down flat on the ground. One place the legs on top of another, angles they and prepares hip feet, so that they are well fixed.

Make sure to keep your lower back straight and your ABS pulled. Both slowly lift her upper body. Using the muscles of the abdomen, to pull you up. The hands keep in the back of the head or in the ears.

Your chin, you should keep relatively high and not put on the chest. Place friends just before you had an Apple between Chin and upper-body pinched.

If they are both top cross a high-five type.

Take above 2-3 passages with each 15-20 repetitions.

Tip: You can do this exercise without a partner. Simply hook your feet under the edge of the bed, a sofa or a Chair.

N Oars

This exercise is great, to strengthen your back and your arms.

This is how it’s done

Take ‘ a 2 liter bottle of water or a dumbbell for more resistance.

Stand apart shoulder width your legs. Put one leg backwards. Bend your upper body slightly forward so the back forms a straight line with the rear leg.

Keep your arm close with you. Bend your arm from the elbow out while you pull up the arm to friends.

You should pull your arm that comes your hand about at the level of your abdomen.

Mountain Climber

This challenging Ganzkörperworkout is ideal for your curvy fitness. Only an exercise and you can make your abdominal muscles in shape, promote your stamina and muscles of shoulder, butt, and leg. The ‘mountain climber’ – Mountaineer – is as it were an all-inclusive exercise.

This is how it’s done

Take ‘ a push-up position with outstretched legs.

Your shoulders should be at the same height as your wrists. Pull up your stomach, keep your back and your legs straight.

Pull one knee elbow slowly forward direction. The leg back in position brignen and the other leg now pull up. Do this now in the Exchange.

Keep your belly pulled during the entire exercise. Move your legs more quickly you get fitter.

Take out 2-3 duration passages from every 20-30 seconds.

Healthy Curves Tips

Together, these three exercises are to improve a great way your curvy fitness, as well as to strengthen your whole body and to streamline.

Healthy curves Tip: you can do the exercises together as circuit training perform with the target of 2-3 times a week, 2-3 passages with a duration of approximately 30-60 seconds per exercise.

Have fun at your curvy fitness!