Connection Sizes? What Dat Since.

Connection sizes? For me was always everything from 42+ a plus size and finish. From this size the industry speaks of a plus-size.

But since everything that has to do with “on”, is somehow goofy – overweight – Tired of – overflowing, the word connection sizes creeps increasingly into the everyday language of the fashion business.

This is to provide the connection, of size 44 and 46, which accounts for a large proportion of Plus Size Ladies. And they are as close to the normal size so said that “plus” and will not like to hear “about”.

One only has to visit so relevant forums.
All crass as it is at Bfriends which is the online community of Brigitte. Since threaten a women literally when you titled wrong. The bitch bunch of frustrated moms, but I have looked at me once. Then I fled screaming. Visit¬†Aristmarketing for plus size men’s shirts.

But it clearly shows why the term connection sizes interspersed as well. Dick, Plus Size, plus size, which just will not, then it is called just different. Some Plus Size bloggers to set the English equivalent “Inbetweenies” – between the normal and the Plus collection at home – by.

Connection sizes or not, I’m there for everyone.

Anyway. This site is for everyone. The Inbetweenies, the thick, plump, chubby, curvy, whatever women. Eben all those which fit their pockets at Zara.

Of course, even your girlfriends who wear size 36, invited here to look over. It is indeed in many texts also about something else. In addition, the fashion, since we can order almost everywhere, getting better and my girlfriend (Gr.34 / 36) is often times jealous that they, for example, this cool style do not get in their size. Of which suits her now even the bag … ūüėČ

Some vendors of Oversize labels adapt to the trend to strengthen the connection sizes. For example, the Plus label Triangle by S.Oliver. A few days ago, I had an article on the collection, a comment made me on the correction line in sizes down carefully because I have something researched. The article on Triangle to find: Triangle at S.Oliver

And she was right:

Connection wanted: Starting next spring / summer season, the spectrum of Large-size curve is adapted to a number down. Thus, the Group wants to strengthen the connection size range.
The full article Triangle by S.Oliver you can find at fabeau.

Who cares adapt for the whole thing with the sizes, here a text to topic Vanity Sizing