Clothing in Large Sizes

If you are size 42 +, you probably know the problem. It is difficult to get clothes in the normal shops, and you will find finally something is often small item … and too small. Even though we are in 2015 we will have to go to special stores to find some clothes we can fit.

Clothing in large sizes hangs not on trees, and it is much the same they all have a place. It is a little hard to understand, target 42-58 (and larger) make up a larger and larger proportion of the population here in Denmark, so it is not because there is a lack of customers. They are actually in line to be able to buy any clothing that fits well and looks good.

What do you do so if it is not to find what you are looking for here at home? Acting of course abroad. It seems completely crazy having to abroad to find clothes that fit. It is not, of course, because we are abnormal, it is only the stores that make us abnormal because we cannot fit the sizes they buy homes.

Is it necessary to death and torment to England and the United States to find clothes? No – no more anyway. We have in fact started an alternative to act abroad.