Classics for Curves: the Pencil Skirt

A tight skirt? The pencil skirt conjures in large quantities a nice butt.

Invented him Christian Dior in 1948 and which has to say because he simply a classic, such as the one already Trenchcoat created.

A classic recognized by the fact that he always goes. Just as certain pieces of music played repeatedly on certain occasions or come design objects in interior area repeatedly.

In fashion a classic also means that it is very versatile. This is the pencil skirt definitely. You can for work, leisure, nightlife and put to more demanding occasions him. The good news: with a few accessories, a colored tights, boots or pumps is quite a lot of outfits from a rock.

Nomen est omen: just like a pencil, the cut must be of lower hem is at knee height. Who wants to go in the business on the safe side and curves has, makes with a pencil skirt in large sizes nothing wrong. The cut is indeed narrow, but there is always behind a slot, otherwise you would not come forward yes 😉 makes me so a pencil skirt, just in business, very safe. I keep in attitude and that makes me feel sexy, is usually beneficial.

In Business include a few fashion basic rules:

  • Never Too Sexy! Deep insights into the cleavage and miniskirts are taboo and can destroy an elegant appearance even with plus size lingerie.
  • Understatement scores! Who avoids flashy colors and eye-catching details, not distracts from his personality and acts real.
  • Elegance through simplicity! Unnecessary accessories and colorful mixed colors contradict this simple maxim.

On this subject also may advice for the interview interesting.

A meaningful pencil skirt strong in black, for example, is used in combination with a white blouse makes, slim and can be rounded off nicely by a single piece of jewelry.

That is not to say that must be dispensed with completely in color in the skirt election. To give you a little insight, these skirts are here, not only plus size. If you drive with the mouse pointer over one of the pictures, you will get further information about the skirts.

A pencil skirt in red can be a brilliant eye-catcher, a pencil skirt in gray is not bulky and provides serious business Chic – ideal for larger sizes. Those who opt for a pencil skirt in white, looks sporty and dynamic.

For a pencil skirt you can well blouses but also combine Jersey Tops. From a tunic I would not suggest you. The length of the upper part destroys the beautiful line of the Rocks.