Chic Shaper That Ends with Chic and Elegant Cellulite

Ha! I discovered a modeling trouser in Chic & Elegant that ends with cellulites! Whoever accompanies me already knows that despite loving my body, finding myself beautiful and fighting every day to be able to ignore the stupid rules that spit on the chubby ones, I still do not deal well with my cellulites. Not that they keep me from doing anything in my life, but I spent years without wearing short skirts (wow! I’m over) because of them and until today I give a slight ignore in the existence of cellulites , so I do not waste my time chasing it Sorry, people, I’m human and I also have weaknesses). Well, I always say, everyone knows what they should like or dislike in their own body, right?

When I got these pants from Chic & Chic I soon thought of wearing a long shirt or tank top, something that covered the buttocks and thighs , but when I tasted … Plim! My cellulite disappeared! Not to mention that, in addition to leaving my legs smooth, she gave a powerful modeling. #I felt

The look is basic, plus size printed shirt, combined with black pants and black accessories.You can not go wrong.

Well, I really think the secret of modeling pants is that it has a thicker fabric , but not those that make you go through the heat. It is a kind of neoprene, a soft tissue that gives support . Then I think he does not give in to the holes and so he gives the impression of a smooth leg, at the same time that it is all elastic, so it molds the nails. I liked it a lot and nothing like black pants to make life easier, huh?

The plus size shirt (mine is also tam 46, believe me), is a mix of prints and colors. I think the greatest care when it comes to wearing such a piece is to make nothing more look on the brig with it .Let it shine on its own!Then put rings, bracelets, shoes, pants and whatever else you have for as discreet as possible.Notice that I even tried a maxi necklace, but it camouflaged itself in the print without fighting with it, so it does not cause strangeness.

The pants and the blouse are from Chic & Elegante store, which is delivered all over Brazil! I already told her HERE if you have any questions.

And for today this is it, I apologize for the absence these last days, but I went to bed with the bad flu, thinking it was my hour … As you can see, it was not.So I’m back.