Celine Dion Style Clothing

If it was in 1992 that Celine Dion has really conquered the French audience with the albumD’eux written by Jean-Jacques Goldman, it has definitely become a favorite of French singers. After rowing few years to conquer the United States, it was not until 1997 and the soundtrack of the movie Titanic, My heart will you is to confirm its status as an international star.

Great news is official! The Diva is back on stage in Las Vegas! This time not hurt that Celine Dion had retired to take care of her husband ex-manager Rene Angelil following his relapse throat cancer.

Poignant Confidences

It was during a stint in the popular American television show  Good Morning America  that Celine Dion was speaking on the condition of her husband and his next comeback.

The singer who celebrated his 47th birthday on March 30, says Rene Angelil can no longer use his mouth and that’s Céline that feeds three times a day. This is because her husband has always wanted to see her on stage she has been back to Las Vegas despite his poor health.

Celine tells us that she is preparing another revamped show which will start on August 27 and will be played for 40 performances until 17 January 2016. Notice to fans, the seats will be put on sale on March 28.

Those who can not make it to Vegas are reassured because it seems that in parallel, the beautiful returned to the studio and preparing a new album in English.

How to Copy The Look of Celine Dion In Large

Besides its rather extravagant stage costumes and worthy of the Diva she is in town, Celine offers looks quite within the reach of each. We propose to divert two in size.

Sometimes chic, sometimes street, the beautiful can play on multiple tables. And no need to be as sylph Celine to adopt his style!

Version Chic

The look of Celine Dion

This look consists of a long white coat oversized scarf and a tonal gray worn over a slim. To stay in elegance, nude shoes and matching bag complete the look.

The copy in large

To adopt this look in large and adapt to the season, prefer a lighter and shorter coat not pack the silhouette. And to avoid falling into an aspect “bag” we will flee the excessive white coat and we prefer to opt for a garment to our size!

Version Street

The look of Celine Dion

The singer has it all! Indeed when one opts for a total black look, it is essential to play on the materials to break the monochrome side!

The copy in large

Slim, top, and heels perfecto: challenge easy and affordable for all!

Tabernacle, you are ready to copy the look of Celine Dion in large!