Capitol Couture

Trish Summerville, costume designer for ‘The tribute of panem 2 – catching fire’, has known looks from the film exclusively for the online shop implemented GLAMOUR shows the most beautiful parts of the collection plus prices

The book adaptation “The tribute by panem 2 – catching fire” convinced not only by a strong storyline, but also by the fashion, Katniss, Peeta & co. carry. Now not only the actors, but also we get to enjoy of the looks of the canvas.

Trish Summerville, costume designer of the film, has exclusively for the luxury online store a 24-teilige collection called “Capitol couture” designed. The stylist has, incidentally, style awards for her work on “The tribute by panem 2” at the 2013 when costume designer of the year was awarded to well-known looks from the film for everyday used to.

These include a black suit with typical honeycomb pattern, Jennifer Lawrence in the movie wears jewelry with Katniss’ preferred weapon of arrow and bow and sweat shirts with the inscription “girl on fire”, which alludes to the title of “Catching Fire”.

“The tribute of panem have also their own fashion magazine: on Capitol Couture presented the fashion of the Capitol like a glossy magazine–it is clear that collection not to be missed here Trish Summervilles.”