Candy Colors

Our motto: Sweet on the hips! The new candy colors conjure up everything you want: great complexion, sexy curves, and especially a good mood outfit for sunny days. The most beautiful products plus the top 5 styling rules

Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry loves outfits in candy colors and properly implement the styling rules: by contrast, breaks in style and attention to detail, she achieved an adult look.

Michael stars

Feminine dress in Royal Blue stretch viscose with classic bandeau top and glamorous origami folding by Michael stars, seen at price: € 149


Luxury in a bang look: colorful sandal in patent leather by Fendi, price: € 445.

Juicy Couture

Whether the also tastes like sweet Woodruff? Green wallet with handheld belt from Juicy Couture, price: € 129.

Ralph Lauren

Makes mood and a good figure: Slim cut, goldes Cardigan from Ralph Lauren, price: € 490.

By Malene Birger

Once strawberry, pistachio and vanilla: Stylish bracelets made of ecrufarbenem, red and green plastic. By Malene Birger, price: € 99


Happy like jelly beans of species Blueberry: luxurious ballerina in turquoise patent leather by Fendi, price: € 295.


Accessory with lollipop Alluren: pink shopper by Mulberry, price: € 700.

By Malene Birger

Small but fine and delicious: sweet green belt in slim format. By Malene Birger, price: € 69

Polo Ralph Lauren

So taste the summer: Canary trench coat with a wide collar from Polo Ralph Lauren, price: € 550

Ossie Clark

80’s meets candy colors: sexy dress in pink silk by Ossie Clark, price: € 1.098.

Candy colours

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The top 5-styling rules for candy colors Hard contrasts: candy colors live by contrast if you want to seem not too cute. Black combination partner work wonders, I promise! Clear cuts: lovely color, plus a lovely cut have small girlish. Prefer “adult” sections in the clean chic for a sexy look. Adequate materials: everything is of course a matter of your desired fashion statements. The rule States but: high-quality materials ennobling every look, even when the trend of candy colors. Accessories: Accessories is similar like in contrasts: have courage to dark colors and heavy materials such as leather or metal. So does the lady-like trend. Breach of style: Like every trend this provocative style breaks, making a look unique and individual lives. Do you dare!