Candice Huffine Interview

UPDATE: Actually, I find the Pirelli calendar a sexitischen and misogynistic crap, but the news that the first time a lady feeding with curves and this will be Candice Huffine, I want you not conceal. The Bunte has since written what times.

Candice Huffine one of the top plus-size model internationally. In Germany, anyone who has to do with large sizes, whether for business or pleasure (hah!) They know. She has graced almost every catalog, was in almost every commercial for Plus Size Labels, for example, C & A and she is also represented internationally as a model in online stores.

Candice Huffine touch a star to.

In summer 2012 I met the supermodel, as part of a fashion show for a short interview. I thought so a Candice wishing travels determined with an entourage of advisers and managers see the previously all questions and video is sometimes not. But quite the opposite I have met…

Kind, funny, open – a supermodel who is every day somewhere else and when I asked how it is today as it said: All right, I just came back from London from a fitting, am not so gejetlagt. Only then gabs mal ne decent Fritz Cola and off we went.

In the interview we were way both barefoot. I had such high heels on and what exactly taken Adilette were her “Between the runs” shoes. The we moved easily from both and were equal.

This way here is the cover of which is mentioned in the video. As you can already understand that the bridegroom asked, which is the more beautiful event, to marry him or the cover shoot for Vogue. ūüôā

Perhaps someone else is also keen on the wedding photos? Who says no, lying!

After the show there was wine women and song. I think, I propose me very well between the two ladies ūüôā

Candice Huffine is convertible.
Here size for example of the luxury label Plus Marina Rinaldi 2012:

Or here for canadische Plus Size Line Claire France from Canada:

The end of 2013 it was together with fellow celebrities in the September Issue of Harper’s Bazaar on diversity (variety) represented. Styled by Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Karl Lagerfeld:

About Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine is American and one of the most successful traveling international plus-size model. She is now at the model agency Ford and there is hardly a catalog or spot from size 42, where they encountered a not.
This is their Facebook Page.