But You’re Too Old!

Has anyone ever heard of you? Then I want you to show what times:

A few months ago I found on Instagram the account: Advanced Style and was speechless. Perhaps you know that, you see a lady on the street, which is twice as old as her, while twice as cool. Just such people are ready here. Actually, you to not waste words, the pictures speak for themselves. The account and associated blog has been around a long time, only I have found him until some time ago. It may be that my network find is an aging hat for many of you. There currently is Ari Look Cohen, who all managed, in Japan the way and he shows us.

The Instagram accoutn is this: Instagram Advanced Style
The blog is this: Advanced Style Blog

If you yourself a cool mother, aunt, grandma or grandpa did, which is 60+ and a style you look old in which, sends happy times over. In Germany we have not only beige renter! And ye know: the sharpest critics are our own people. So if you yourself “already longer young are” like my stylist Thorsten saying is that just let the barriers, you should have some ūüėČ

Here is a little taste: