Bridal Services in the Check

What the pros offer, what to look for, and what are the costs. Plus: Do-it-yourself tips and makeup artists in your area!

Pedicure, manicure, a perfect complexion and dream hair until the early hours of the morning: More and more hairdressers, makeup artists and beauty therapists offer all-round services to the wedding. We looked at even closer the beauty offer for future brides…

1. once Princess!

Radiant beauty comes from the inside, the romantic glow of the right makeup! To de-stress the wedding day anyway with excitement, more and more brides treat yourself to a professional beauty program. Makeup and hair styling on tinting eyelashes and-verdichten to the nail service salons, but also makeup Studios, beauty bars and make-up artists no longer only offer a complete service. Great touch: the trial date and the selection of different looks are included.

Those who opt for a bridal service in a Studio, must plan extra time for the there and back on the wedding day! On beauty agencies (such as “jacks beauty Department”) can be booked mobile makeup artists, dress the bride on the spot in the hotel or in the wedding location. On request they accompany the bride on her big day and refresh in between the makeup, just ask!

How to find the right offer in your area: There must be no star makeup artists! Don’t despair if you don’t get married at a hotspot such as Hamburg or Berlin. Also hair salons, beauty salons, and Douglas branches in your area offer great beauty services. Freelance makeup artists and hair stylists in your area you will find via Google. Inquire also in photo or model Studios has gladly worked with whom. And make non-binding Kennlerntermine! Sympathy and feel-good atmosphere are just as important as the right price / performance ratio with the bridal service.

Cost: The price range can vary depending on salon, make-up artist and of the booked styling program enormously: A bridal service at the Berlin styling bar “Shan’s true beauty” including hair and make-up costs approximately 100 euros, the styling in your hotel room by an beauty expert of “jacks beauty Department” approx. 350 euro.

2. beauty of a la carte

His account balance means more who than the comfort of an all around carefree program, can save by splitting the cost of bridal services. Find out what is important to you (also on the photos!): the dream hairstyle or the perfect makeup? Who has to struggle with skin problems or in dealing with make-up feels unsure, should be themselves professional make-up. Brides who want a braided – / Hochsteck – / trend hairstyle sitting perfectly even after the wedding dance, treat yourself to a professional hair styling. Manicure, pedicure and eyelash service can be carried out one week before the wedding.

When the word “Wedding” rings the cash register! If you want anything elaborate posts an “evening-make-up” or an “updo”-the result is the same, but the price (often) considerably lower. Disadvantage: no trial date, no extras.

How to find the right offer in your area: Hair salons, makeup and beauty salons, brow – and nail bars just waiting for your beauty needs. Early enough start, to compare the individual stations and create a “diagram” for the wedding, otherwise it will be stressful!

Cost: Bridal make-up or bridal hairstyle from approximately 50-80 euro; Manicure (with paint) approx. € 30; Pedicure (with paint) from approx. 40 euro; Dyeing of eyelashes about 15 euros


  • With this checklist, you find the ideal bridal service for the most beautiful day in your life:
  • Beauty package: Make-up & hair from one source or each an expert per service?
  • Service Extras: test dates, different looks to choose from, SOS tips of the make-up artists and original products for the Beautycase, accompaniment & refresh during the wedding, groom and Bridemaids styling offers
  • Beauty Extras: Eyelash services (color, compacted, lifts), manicure, pedicure, treatments
  • Hair tools: Compression, extension, hair pieces, Bridal Accessories
  • Cost check-compare multiple quotes

3. do-it-yourself alternatives

Brides who feel comfortable with their favorite products and are skilled in make-up, can waive a make-up artist. The do-it-yourself styling is a practical alternative for the case, dropping the civil wedding not with the ceremony and the wedding reception on a day.

Our site tips:

  1. At beauty counters such as Mac, book a makeup consultation benefit Bobbi Brown, who buy most important products of the look and after make-up at home. Various beauty services and appointments can be booked by the way very easy online on What you’ll find there as well: great tips and product recommendations for the bride.
  2. Under our site you will find various DIY instructions! Just click through and step by step to make the perfect look.
  3. Professional beauty tutorials see and to make the look. Our favorite is the “Bohemian”-bride look of the Lancôme makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.